Julianne Hough Stuns in Retro Bikini On Set Of 'Bigger' -- See the Pics!

ET talked to Hough on-set about channeling the famous pin-up model turned fitness guru, Betty Weider.

Julianne Hough has transformed into a retro beach bombshell for her new role!

The 29-year-old actress was snapped on the beach while filming her upcoming movie Bigger -- which also stars Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin -- sporting an aquamarine one-piece swimsuit and sunkissed blonde hair. In the film, Hough portrays pin-up model-turned-fitness guru, Shape magazine cofounder Betty Weider.

Check out some of the stunning photos below.


While on set, Hough opened up to ET about portraying the iconic figure.

"Betty looked incredible her whole life, and she definitely took care of herself, and obviously that's what this whole story is about," the 29-year-old dance pro explained. "She is just a boss lady. She's amazing."

Hough went on to add that Weider's role in transforming styles of beauty was hugely influential in her own life.

"It's a really special thing to be able to be apart of something that is so influential in my life today," she explained. "Without [the Weiders] and the redefining of what fitness and health beauty meant back then -- that's what we're all relishing in today. So, it's pretty amazing."


With how much Weider's work means to Hough, it's no surprise she wanted to do the portrayal justice, a feat that goes beyond physical appearance.

"We have the amazing wardrobe and hair and makeup to obviously transform you," Hough explained for how she got into the character, adding, "There's such an elegance and grace that Betty has ... We want her to feel as real as possible, and still try to emulate what she looked like." 


Hough also went on to explain how she's taken time to explore her different passions, outside of the dance world. 

"I've taken a few years off of acting and doing film and have been focusing on my tours and stuff with my brother," she said. "To be able to come back in, and do something that I'm extremely passionate about, but also it was nothing to do with dancing or singing or this musical world."

"But it's a great story, based on a true story, and it means a lot so for me to come out here," she added.


Really, that drive not to be boxed in must be good for getting into character, as it's something Weider pioneered for women of her time.

"What I'm really passionate about with Betty is that back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, she was such a strong woman, surrounded by men," she said. "And for her to be able to have a voice, even though she was sort of looked at as a trophy, or this beautiful person in a magazine, she was so much more than that."

For her to create Shape, and have such a voice in fitness and health, and be sort of that voice for all the women," she added. "Was really really powerful for women."

Well, we'll have to see all that inspiration come to life when Bigger hits theaters next year.

Meanwhile, Hough also opened up about life since tying the knot with her NHL star husband Brooks Laich this past July, and how giving each other time to pursue their individual passions has strengthened the relationship.

"Honestly it's been the best thing," she explained. "We're each others fuel, and I think that because we're married, because we have a great foundation and relationship, we're both doing the things that we love the most with all of our energy."

"He's playing hockey for the [Los Angeles] Kings right now, and that's his dream to be doing that ... and I'm doing film and acting and back in that so ... this was such a blessing we got married, and now we're totally free to go do everything."


Meanwhile, watch the video below to hear what Hough had to say to ET in October about the possibility of her brother, Derek, settling down and getting married himself!