Justin Bieber Gives Fans a Full-Body Tour of His Tattoos

Justin Bieber
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

The singer is offering a closer look at the ink he's accumulated throughout the years.

Justin Bieber is giving fans a closer look at the body art he's accumulated over the years. 

The "As Long as You Love Me" singer posted a series of close-up videos on Instagram Story on Monday, showing off each of the intricate tattoos across his body. A shirtless Bieber began with his ankle, panning up his leg and focusing on his "Better at 70" tattoo above his knee, before moving onto his arms. 

The pop star took his time zooming in on various pieces of artworks on his sleeve, before focusing on the many tattoos across his chest. He concluded his tattoo tour with his other leg. 


Bieber added a new tattoo to his collection earlier this month -- the word "forever" written across his neck. His new ink came just three months after his wife, Hailey, got a neck tattoo of her own. 

For her ink, the model opted for the word "lover," which she placed directly under her other neck tattoo, a small cross. The Biebers also got matching tattoos last year. 

See more on the couple in the video below.