Justin Timberlake Gushes Over 'Great Wife' Jessica Biel and Their 'Two Wonderful Children'

Timberlake expressed his gratitude for his family during a recent episode of 'The Graham Norton Show.'

In a heartwarming moment on The Graham Norton Show, Justin Timberlake opened up about his love for family life, sharing endearing anecdotes about his wife, Jessica Biel, and their two sons, Silas and Phineas. 

The 43-year-old singer jokingly quipped about the challenges of parenting, remarking, "I have two wonderful children, who are going to be the death of me." Despite the playful remark, Timberlake expressed gratitude for his family, saying, "Two boys and a wonderful wife and I'm just happy. Is that controversial these days?”

Amid discussions about his forthcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was, Timberlake revealed the inspiration behind the title, citing a reflection on his life and the nostalgic reactions from those closest to him after listening to the album. 

"I think it's just, you get to a point in your life where you realize that all the things that have conspired really to get you to this point are beautiful," he continued. "... And I don't think I've ever taken the time to reflect and look at my life and say like, 'Wow this is really cool,' and just be thankful for it."

The album, set to be released on March 15, carries elements reminiscent of Timberlake's earlier works, prompting sentiments of familiarity and appreciation from his inner circle.

"I was starting to play it for people close to me and they kept saying, 'Oh that reminds me of something from Justified,' my first album, or 'That reminds me of something from FutureSex/LoveSounds,’ my second album," he said.

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Additionally, Timberlake disclosed plans for his Forget Tomorrow World Tour, which will take him to the U.K. and Europe later this year. Notably, he mentioned that his two sons will accompany him on this leg of the tour, highlighting the importance of family in his professional endeavors.

However, Timberlake's scheduled concert at London's Roundhouse venue on Friday was canceled due to illness. In a video shared on his Instagram Story, the singer expressed disappointment about missing the show, attributing his absence to flu symptoms that later worsened. 


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