Karamo Brown Reveals the One Celebrity He'd Love to Make Over on 'Queer Eye' (Exclusive)

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Queer Eye is known for taking regular people all over the world and transforming their lives. So which celebrity would culture expert Karamo Brown like to use his transformative powers on?

The 39-year-old star opened up to his 22-year-old son, Jason Brown, in an exclusive ET interview over the weekend at the Barnes & Noble release of the pair's new children's book, I Am Perfectly Designed

Karamo revealed that TV dad Homer Simpson has his vote for a Queer Eye makeover. 

"He has been in the same outfit for almost 20 years," Karamo quipped. "He has not changed his house at all, his donuts, his diet is donuts and other nasty food. Let's see what else. Oh, he's, like, holding on to a three-piece comb-over and then I don't think he truly values his wife like he needs to, so I would want to get in there and truly, like, help him to understand the importance of his family and spending time with them."

Jason pointed out that Homer often strangles his own son, Bart. 

"Exactly. Chokes his son. There's a lot I could do there emotionally and mentally to help him out," Karamo insisted. "So, Homer Simpson would definitely be the one I’d want to help."

Karamo is a pro at father-son relationships. He's raised Jason and his half-brother, Christian, solo, and now Karamo and Jason are releasing their first book together. Jason noted that his dad made him write lots of books when he was a young kid. 

"I had a plan in mind. I knew that if you could effectively communicate what you're feeling, what your thoughts were, what you did in life, you could succeed," Karamo admitted, adding, "And I also thought in the back of my mind, 'Well, he's really good, maybe one day he could be a published author.'"

The book came from advice Karamo used to give his kids when they were growing up. 

"The inspiration for this book came from a mantra I used to tell you and your brother from when they were younger called 'I am perfectly designed,' because you were getting bullied and you needed to feel confident in yourself. And so, it was really to remind you that no matter what the world says to you, that you were perfectly designed. And when we started to write this book, it was like, 'Why not share this mantra with the rest of the world?' Whether you're a kid, a teen, or an adult, it's a message that’s universal."

As for what bothered Jason about his dad growing up, he had pretty positive things to say. 

"You're, like, so hands-on that you can be like, 'OK, Dad, I love you so much and you're supporting me with the fullest, like, 200 percent out of 100, but, like, sometimes I just need to breathe and, like, get off my neck,'" Jason noted. 

Jason also shared he wants to be a TV host and Karamo thinks his son could follow in his footsteps. 

"I think you'd be a great television host. You'd be the exact opposite of me," he told him. "I always go in for the like, 'Please tell me your deep emotions,' and I think you'd make people laugh."

I Am Perfectly Designed is available now. 


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