Karamo Brown Reveals the Lessons He's Learned From Beyoncé After Honoring Her on 'DWTS' (Exclusive)

Plus, the 'Queer Eye' star explains to ET why Val Chmerkovskiy is actually 'a shady queen at heart.'

Karamo Brown may have been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Monday night, but he's still on cloud nine after getting the opportunity to honor his role model, Beyoncé, not once but twice during Halloween Night!

The Queer Eye star and his pro partner, Jenna Johnson, stopped by ET Live on Tuesday, where they discussed everything from their journey together on the dance competition show, to that epic exit, Kanye West, Queen Bey and more.

In case you missed it, in the final moments of Monday's show, Karamo and Jenna were sent home after landing in the bottom two with Kate Flannery and Pasha Pashkov. While many viewers watching at home were expecting tears from #TeamJeranamo, they took the high road... with Karamo and Jenna smiling ear to ear and being picked up by their peers.

"I would say that out of all the contestants, Karamo grew the most and that's so fulfilling for me as a teacher and a partner. I think we were both really shocked that we were in the bottom and then we were getting eliminated. It was very weird," Jenna recalled of that moment onstage. "All of a sudden he just disappeared and I was like, 'Where's he going?' I was hugging Kate and Pasha and he was just living his best life and you know what? That's Karamo, so I'm so happy. He left his mark on the dance floor!"

"You have to know how, in moments of challenges, to turn it into moments of triumphs," Karamo explained. "I'm a big believer that if you can focus on the blessings in one of the hardest moments, or how you're going to grow, or how things are going to become better, then anything can turn into a happy experience. So that's what I did. In that moment, I was like, millions of people are watching and I just had the best dance of my life!"

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Karamo said that he and Jenna were still smiling as they made their way back to the dressing room, but "ironically, all the tears" came from their castmates. "I was shocked at how many of them were crying," he shared, with Jenna adding, "There were a lot of tears last night."

"When they picked us up at the end, that's literally what you do when you win the mirrorball," she continued. "I feel good today. I guess because I'm so happy with how our season went and how last night went. But I'm really sad that we're not at rehearsal right now. I feel like we should be practicing."

Karamo and Jenna were challenged with two dances for their last week in the competition, a Paso Doble set to Destiny's Child "Survivor" and a Team Dance to Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams." Being a resident member of the BeyHive, we had to ask Karamo what it was like getting to channel his inner Beyoncé.

"The queen that lives deep within me was very excited!" he exclaimed. "I was happy. I was kind of mad that I went out on Beyoncé songs, I felt like I should of went out on, like, a country night -- no shade, but shade -- because I didn't want to go out on, like, Queen Beyoncé night, but it is what it is."

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Karamo is known for sharing daily words of wisdom on how to stay positive and live your best life to his massive fan base, but what advice would he like to ask Bey if the opportunity presented itself? He told ET she's actually already given him a lot of life advice by just being herself.

"What advice would I want her to give me? She actually already gives me that advice. One of the things I love about what Beyoncé does is that she models sincerity and truth. And that she never gives up on her own truth and her dreams. A lot of people have tried to keep her boxed into one thing and she said, 'I'm not just that. I can be all these other things.' And I think I take from that."

"A lot of people try to say, 'Just because you're this guy, you can't do other things,' and I've literally been showing people that I can push outside those boundaries consistently," he continued. "And I get that from Beyoncé."

In times of self-doubt during the competition, however, he said it was Jenna whom he looked to for support and advice.

"It was her! It's so much easier for me to tell other people how to fix their lives," he joked. "There was a day that I was, like, devastated. Literally, I had fallen on the ground and I was like, 'I just don't know if I can do this.' It was pushing me out of every comfort zone, the critiques from the judges, everything was just hard. On top of that, I had a busy schedule and was feeling stressed."

"This is where I always say to people, part of making a plan and doing that plan is asking for help. In that moment, I needed to ask for help," he continued. "My help came from Jenna, and she was my rock in so many parts of this entire competition."

The feeling was mutual for Jenna, who credited Karamo for making her "feel like an empowered woman 100% of the time."

"I just love him so much. He always made me feel stronger, better, on top of anything," she explained. "He pushed me, he's always like, 'You should do this, you can do this.' He was so positive and encouraging towards me even outside of just dancing."

Another supportive figure in Jenna's life is her husband, Val Chmerkovskiy, who left the competition last week after getting eliminated with Sailor Brinkley-Cook. Later in the week, he made headlines again for hilariously calling Kanye West out for the "Can't be Dancing With the Stars" lyric he dropped on "On God" from his Jesus Is King album. Naturally, we had to ask Jenna how that epic reaction video all came to be.

"This is what happened. We love music, so every morning we'll put on music. We're like, 'Kanye came out with the new album!' So we're in the kitchen, we're listening to it, I'm, like, getting ready for rehearsal and all of a sudden we hear, 'Can't be Dancing With the Stars.' And Val's like, 'Wait a minute! Boom. Rewind!'"

"We were dying, and then Val pulled up all these pictures of Kim Kardashian doing the show with Mark Ballas, and then he just went off," she continued. "It was incredible."

Karamo was just as amused, and actually played a big part in the video getting so much attention.

"I'm going to take a little credit, because Val didn't know the piece of gold he was sitting on," he joked. "He was about to leave that on his [Instagram] Story to disappear. And I walked in and I was like, 'Val, you're a shady queen at heart.' And he was like, 'No, no, no, I'm not a shady queen, I'm just being honest.' I was like, I am posting this to MY feed, and then he posted it."

"So Val, you're welcome," he added. "I gotchu!"

All jokes aside, with the DWTS competition now behind him, Karamo is fully focusing on Queer Eye: We're in Japan!, premiering Nov. 1 on Netflix.

"What I think people are going to be most excited about is that Japanese culture is normally a very closed-off culture when it comes to their emotions, and Queer Eye is an emotional show," he teased. "The way that we get these individuals to open up and share their life stories, it just really shows how universal and how, really, what you're experiencing here in America, people are experiencing other places."

"It's going to connect people in a way that I don't think they ever could think they could be connected," he added. "All of the seasons I'm so proud of, but it seems like we keep topping ourselves.'

As for who from the Queer Eye fam Karamo could see next on DWTS? Watch the player above to see his reaction!


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