Kate Hudson Shows Off Son Bing's Drumming Skills in 12th Birthday Tribute

The actress shares Bing with ex, Matt Bellamy.

Kate Hudson shared a rockin' birthday tribute for her son, Bing!

"Bing is 12 today! My drummer baby. From the first time he played the kick drum, to his smoother pre-teen drumming ways. He plays the drums like he walks through life, sharp, vibrant, caring, dedicated and always perfectly wild and unpredictable! Happy Birthday to my sweet Bing 🎉🎂We love you!," the mother of three wrote on Instagram Tuesday to her son, whom she shares with her ex, Matt Bellamy.

Hudson's birthday post to Bing -- short for Bingham -- was a journey through his evolution as a drummer. The post led with a toddler-aged Bing playing a little mini drum set. As the slides continue, Bing gets older and his skills get better. In one clip, Bing jams on the drums while Hudson's fiancé, Danny Fujikawa, and her oldest son, Ryder, play the guitar. 

In another moment, the actress shares a picture of the birthday boy posing with his green cake, which is placed next to his baby picture. The proud mom's post ends with a video of her taking a stroll with Bing and her 4-year-old daughter, Rani. 

Hudson welcomed Bing with Bellamy during the course of their relationship, which spanned from 2010-2014. The musical apple clearly didn't fall far from the tree, as Hudson has a great singing voice and Bellamy is the frontman of Muse. 

In 2022, Bellamy spoke to ET about his son following in his footsteps.

"He's a great drummer by the way," the "Madness" singer said. "He's like booming out the drums all the time and I'm starting to jam with him now." 

Bellamy also shared that his son loves joining him on the road. 

"Bing, he loves getting the chance to go into soundcheck and play the drums," he said. "He loves being a part of it all."