Kate Middleton's 'Princess Shuffle' at Royal Event Goes Viral

The 41-year-old Princess of Wales is garnering lots of online attention for a resurfaced video of her shuffling in heels.

There's a new royal move that's going viral! Kate Middleton is making headlines for an appearance she had back in February 2022 during a visit to Denmark.

During the trip, Kate, 41, met with Mary, the crown princess of Denmark, and Queen Margrethe at Christian IX's Palace in Copenhagen. The resurfaced moment is going viral on TikTok and has been dubbed "the princess shuffle."

In the clip, Kate is seen standing next to Queen Margrethe, who beckons her closer. Instead of simply stepping closer to the monarch, Kate shuffles her feet across the carpet while wearing tall black heels until she slowly scoots next to the queen.

LISELOTTE SABROE/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images

The TikTok has garnered mixed reactions online, with many pondering why the Princess of Wales didn't just step closer to the queen and others speculating that it had to do with not wanting a large step to be photographed awkwardly.

Kate is getting ready for another major public event -- the coronation of her father-in-law, King Charles III, on May 6 at Westminister Abbey in London. This formalizes his role as the head of the Church of England and marks the transfer of his title and powers. It will also be the official moment he is crowned king. 

Although the actual anointment during the coronation ceremony is not broadcast publicly, plenty of special programming and live footage from the ceremony will be available to watch live on May 6, starting at 5 a.m. ET. Cable viewers will be able to view coverage on ABC News and Good Morning America, including a concert featuring Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on Sunday, May 7. Others can watch the coronation online on these streaming platforms.