Katy Perry Turns Her Puppy, Nugget, Into a Show Dog in ‘Small Talk’ Music Video

Katy Perry

Katy Perry made one important part of her life the star of her new “Small Talk” music video. But it wasn’t her hunky fiance, Orlando Bloom. Instead, her precious dog, Nugget, had a leading role in the new clip. 

In the video, Perry and Nugget wear matching outfits as she sings to the cute pooch. She then takes the pup to “The Mutt Ball” show, where dogs and their look-alike owners are strutting their stuff for the judges. 

While there, Perry meets the man of her dreams and as they get closer, poor Nugget is starting to feel left out. 

Nugget has been a core part of Perry’s life for several years now. Bloom even has a look-alike pup named Mighty. 

In 2017, Perry’s assistant saved Nugget’s life after she fell off the bed and stopped breathing. 

“Nugget jumped and fell off the bed and became unresponsive and I gave her CPR. I pushed on her little chest and blew in her mouth and I brought her back to life,” Perry’s assistant said at the time. 

Perry and Bloom are currently preparing for their nuptials. To see ET's exclusive interview with Bloom, watch the clip below: 


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