Keanu Reeves Has Already Read the 'Matrix 4' Script and Says It's 'Very Ambitious!' (Exclusive)

The A-list star and his sister open up to ET on Sunday.

Keanu Reeves has set the internet on fire time and time again over the past year with a slew of amazing performances, viral fan interactions and surprise appearances. Recently, it happened again when it was revealed that not only was a fourth film in The Matrix series in the works, but that Reeves would be reprising his role as Neo.

On Tuesday, Reeves joined his sister, producer Karina Miller, at a special screening of Miller's new drama, Semper Fi, in Los Angeles, and the duo stopped to talk with ET's Nischelle Turner on the red carpet.

Reeves played a little coy when asked about the hotly anticipated (and long-awaited) sequel, but admitted that he has already read the script, and he's "absolutely" excited about what the film has in store for his character.

"It's very ambitious," Reeves teased. "As it should be!"

This is a sizable promise when you consider how next-level ambitious each of the previous installments in The Matrix have been. The first film revolutionized action sci-fi, while The Matrix: Revolutions and The Matrix: Reloaded built a complex in-universe mythology that raised the bar when it came to cinematic narrative world building.

Reeves will be teaming up with returning star Carrie-Anne Moss when production begins, reportedly nearing the beginning of 2020, according to Variety.

However, Reeves was more than excited to be celebrating his sister's big night at the Semper Fi premiere, which she has been working on for three years.

The film stars Jai Courtney as a Pennsylvania police officer and Marine Corps reservist named Cal whose brother (Natt Wolff) gets arrested after accidentally killing a man in a bar brawl. Cal then decides to risk his life and career to break his brother out of prison.

"It's really awesome to be here and be invited," Reeves said with a smile. "It's a great accomplishment, it's a wonderful film."

"He's always been so supportive and so protective of me doing my own thing," Miller said of her older brother. "I always really appreciate that so. And it was fun to have family here because our mom is out of town still."

Lionsgate will be releasing Semper Fi in theaters and on VOD and digital on Oct. 4.