Keanu Reeves, the Internet's Boyfriend, Leaves Note on Fan's Sign While Filming 'Bill & Ted 3'

The actor's arrival sent a local into fangirl mode as she bolted inside and screamed at her sons that Reeves was in their front yard!

Keanu Reeves continues to make the internet swoon!

The actor, now commonly referred to as “the internet’s boyfriend,” was recently in Slidell, Louisiana, when he noticed a sign in his honor in a local’s front yard.

The sign read, “You’re breathtaking,” in reference to an appearance Reeves made at gaming convention E3 in June, during which a fan yelled out “You’re breathtaking,” from the audience. Reeves laughed and declared “You’re breathtaking. You're all breathtaking!” in return, and the moment went viral.

So, when Slidell local Stacey Hunt’s son found out that Reeves was filming Bill & Ted Face the Music down the road, he suggested they make a sign to catch the attention of the 54-year-old actor.

And it worked -- after noticing it while driving by, Reeves jumped out of the car and wrote, “Stacey, you’re breath-taking!” on the sign, then autographed his name.

But that wasn’t all -- beardless Reeves also took the time to snap a photo with Hunt and her sons, Ethan and Noah, who were likely thanking their lucky stars that they were home at the time.

“Wow! Yesterday was a dream come true!” the mom of three tweeted along with photos of the fun encounter. “We knew @KeanuReevess was filming up the street so my son said we need to make a sign that says ‘you're breathtaking’ so we did! A few cars stopped but then a car stopped and there he was!! He actually stopped! Oh my heavens! @ed_solomon.”

According to Nola, the actor’s arrival sent Hunt into fangirl mode and she immediately bolted inside to find marker pens and scream at her sons that Reeves was in their front yard.

"Ethan's like, 'Come on, let's go,' and we ran back outside,” Hunt told the outlet. “That was one of the best parts. Ethan did the whole, 'You're breathtaking' bit, with the posture, and he did it back. It was just epic."

Reeves was accompanied by writer-producer Ed Solomon, who also posted about the sign on Twitter.

“So yesterday this sign was out on a lawn on the way to set. Keanu jumped out of the car and did this,” Solomon wrote.

Following the pinch-me moment, the Hunt family left another sign in the front yard -- one reading, “Thank you Keanu” with two red hearts.

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