Keke Palmer Admits She's 'Gettin' Cooked' as a New Mom as She Commends Single Parents

The new mom shared a video on social media, sharing how she's realized having a village to raise your child is a privilege.

Keke Palmer might tell you a joke but she won't tell you a lie! The actress took a moment away from her latest work -- being a new mom -- to be candid about the trials of motherhood with her social media followers.

It's been almost a week since Palmer and her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, welcomed their baby boy, Leodis Andrellton Jackson. In a video posted to Instagram, the Nope star admitted that parenthood hasn't been the easiest, commending single parents who tackle the journey alone.

"I just came on here to say, if you are a single parent, pull out your cape. Matter fact, clip your angel wings. Because I don't know how it is you did it," the 29-year-old says in the video. "And I really don't want this to sound pander-y or something like this, because I know there are a million and one reasons why somebody wants to be a single parent or becomes a single parent. Maybe they lost somebody, maybe they don't want to deal with somebody, maybe it's a choice." 

"But when it comes to raising a kid, I've already learned in these short few days that it takes a village. And sometimes that's a privilege," she adds. "And I just want anybody out there that's a single parent that's been doing this -- friends of mine, people that I don't know, family members of mine -- [know that] I really am, in my heart -- it brings tears to my eyes. I am just truly, profoundly impressed."

Palmer went on to humorously caption her video, "I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m gettin’ COOKED!"

The video was met with words and emojis of encouragement from famous moms and fans alike, including Taraji P. Henson and Tabitha Brown. The latter sweetly commented, "You’re doing great honey❤️."

The actress and podcaster shared her pregnancy news in December by kicking off her Saturday Night Live debut with an adorable baby bump reveal on the Studio 8H stage. 

She's been documenting her pregnancy on social media, sharing sweet photos and videos, as well as sharing tidbits with her fans on her podcast as her pregnancy progresses. 

For Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue, Palmer joked that she "really expected something so dramatic" during her pregnancy, but she was feeling the same as ever. "I have something that's moving around in there every now and then. That part is creepy sometimes," she added.

She also shared that the pregnancy was an "incredibly fun ride" for both first-time parents. 

"I've had unbelievable support," she explained. "I have a very lonely career, and also a very overwhelming career. To do SNL, for instance, is extremely amazing, but also tough for a multitude of reasons -- what it means in terms of your career, how grueling the schedule is. You have to get really focused and the people around you have to be prepared for whatever it does to you. I felt the support of my partner during that in a way that's not anything I have had before."

"Ever since I met him, [he's shown] a selflessness. Making sure that I'm not alone, making sure I have support," she added. "I think that's all you can ask from anyone. And I've only ever really had that kind of support from my family--and it's funny, because now we are family."

And, of course, Palmer has received plenty of love and support from her fans on social platforms -- particularly Twitter. The internet has declared themselves virtual aunts and uncles for the actress' son, which she finds "so sweet."

"That gives me life. It's so sweet because I've been performing for so many years, so for people to feel that way? It's huge," she told the outlet. "It gave me so much joy to see them celebrating with me."

Watch the video below for more on Palmer's pregnancy.