Keke Palmer Opens Up About Motherhood and the Life Lessons She's Hoping to Teach Son Leodis (Exclusive)

The actress and new mom spoke with ET at the 2023 Black Music Action Coalition Gala on Thursday.

Keke Palmer is opening up about how life has changed since welcoming her baby boy, Leodis.

Palmer spoke with ET at the 2023 Black Music Action Coalition Gala on Thursday at The Beverly Hilton -- where she was honored with the Social Impact Award -- and she opened up about her experiences with motherhood.

"Oh my gosh, it's crazy! I mean I thought I had a hard work-life balance before, but especially with a baby, it's different," Palmer explained. "But little Leo comes first."

Palmer welcomed her son, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson, in February, and she's already looking toward her son's future, and figuring out the values she hopes to instill in her young son.

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Palmer said it's important that he learn to "use his resources, use his privilege for good."

"I mean, that's the whole point, right? We all continue to grow, each generation, we try to provide our children and the next generation with something more than what we had," Palmer shared. "So he's definitely gonna have more than what I had growing up."

"I want him to take that and use it to benefit others," she added. "Because I think that's the point, you know? Why else are we here?"

As for giving back and set an example, Palmer was honored with the Social Impact Award on Thursday at the gala event, which she said she deeply appreciated.

"It means everything. I mean, when I came into the industry, you know, my talents were there, but it was also, what I could do with my talents, how I could represent my community, and do something that would push us forward, hopefully, in a positive way," she shared. "And so to be honored for that, it means so much.

Palmer recently starred in Usher's "Boyfriend" music video, following the public drama between her and Jackson over what she chose to wear to the singer's Las Vegas residency show. Palmer and Usher poked fun at the drama in the new music video, and she loved the results. 

"Oh, it's giving everything," she quipped. "I was gonna get my groove on!"

Watch the clip below for more: