Kelly Osbourne on Making a Career Out of Being Herself: 'I Used to Think That Was a Bad Thing' (Exclusive)

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The Osbourne family is hitting the road once more.

A new season of A&E's reality series, Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, kicks off this Wednesday, but unlike past years, Jack Osbourne won't be hitting the road with his rocker dad, Ozzy, for the entire season as they explore America. This time, Jack's sister, Kelly, will be sliding into the driver's seat and taking the RV for a cross-country trek with Papa Osbourne from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida, where he kicked off his final world tour in April, with Jack joining in midway through the fun.

But Kelly wasn't originally slated to go road-tripping with the family. It was the arrival of baby No. 3 for Jack and his wife, Lisa, in February that prompted Kelly to jump on board and take Jack's place on the family road trip -- at least at the start. (Lisa filed for divorce in May after six years of marriage with Jack, who later issued a statement about the split, posting on his Instagram, "We absolutely still love each other. Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we tried everything we could for many years to make this work.")

"I cannot lie, I've been jealous of my brother for the past three years because he's been doing this with my dad. I wasn't really even supposed to do it at all, it was just that Jack had baby Minnie and he had to be there for the birth and everything. He came and he was like, 'Please, can you do this?' And then I looked at how they do things and I was like, 'I don't want to be in a RV!' I was being a total f**king diva!" Kelly, 33, said half-jokingly to ET while promoting Ozzy & Jack's World Detour on Monday. "I don't want to sing. I don't want to go camping and be outdoors. It was just not my thing. ... Of course, if my brother asks me to do something, I can't say no to him." 

So, one episode turned into another and then another and then another. "And then I was pretty much there for the whole thing," she recalled, reiterating that "it wasn't a conscious effort to bring [me] onto the show. It just kind of happened." Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek from Wednesday's season premiere above.

Though the crux of the season is all about Kelly and Ozzy bonding, "creating new memories" and hitting different American cities along the way, members of the Osbourne family, including mama Sharon and Jack's wife and kids, make appearances throughout. There will also be nods to Ozzy's storied music legacy. Kelly revealed that "musical surprises" featuring acts from different genres (see: a mariachi band, a women's choir) covering Ozzy's classic songs are sprinkled throughout the season. 


Driving an RV across the U.S., however, got on Kelly's nerves. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "I never want to drive a car again. Honestly, I have not really been driving at all because I am so sick of driving. That RV... Me and Jack were constantly fighting over who was going to be driving because sitting in the back of that thing was the worst. I have to say, having an RV with a bathroom on it really helped and I think that us being in such a good place with each other and knowing our limitations and not pushing each other too far in certain directions. I mean, that's not to say the trip doesn't go without arguments, but we're older now, and I think we know how to quit when we're ahead."

For Kelly, being a bigger part of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour this season brought back memories of the popular early 2000s reality show, The Osbournes, that crowned the family reality TV royalty. 

"I remembered very quickly why The Osbournes were so popular and why we all did it from day one of filming this show," she reflected. "And we fell back into that rhythm of [being us]. For some reason, if you put a camera in front of us and just tell us to be ourselves, it is never more interesting. That has always been something I've enjoyed about my career: I don't get paid to be anyone but myself. I used to think that that was a bad thing because I didn't really like myself, but now I realize how lucky I am."

"Whether you put a suit on and you go into work and be professional or you have to do customer service or whatever it is, you don't always get to be yourself. You have to put on a brave face with whatever you do and I don't even have to do that, and that's amazing," Kelly added.

Recently, the "Papa Don't Preach" singer dropped clues that she was ready to head back into the recording studio and she explained why she's been entertaining re-entering the music world for the first time since her 2005 album, Sleeping in the Nothing.

"It's something that every time I go have a meeting about something different, it ends with, 'What about you doing this again?' It's going to be awhile, but it's definitely something that will happen again," Kelly shared. "I don't necessarily think it's about having something to say, rather than an outlet in a time and a place where everything is just so scary and unsure and violent, you have that kind of release."

Ozzy & Jack's World Detour premieres Wednesday, June 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.


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