Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Admit They're Avoiding This 'Kiss of Death' in Their Marriage

The 'Live with Kelly and Mark' co-hosts do have one surprising secret to their 27 years of wedded bliss.

Don't expect to see Kelly Ripa walking down the aisle again anytime soon!

During Thursday's broadcast of Live With Kelly and Mark, Ripa and Mark Consuelos revealed why they'll never renew their vows. As it turns out, they're quite superstitious. 

"We are very superstitious about vow renewals," Ripa admitted, hinting that they are the "kiss of death" for marriages and should come with "divorce papers," according to quotes published by People

"I just feel like a vow renewal is a pre-divorce," she continued. "It’s like, 'We’re not getting along... I know what we should do!'"

The couple tied the knot on May 1, 1996, and recently celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary. 

Ripa and Consuelos, both 52, first met in 1995 when they co-starred together on the popular soap opera All My Children and quickly eloped in Las Vegas. They are parents to 26-year-old Michael, 21-year-old Lola, and 20-year-old Joaquin. The couple has been co-hosting Live together since Ryan Seacrest's exit earlier this year, and Ripa is also heading up her own podcast, Let's Talk Off Camera With Kelly Ripa.

On Thursday's Live, Consuelos co-signed his wife's superstition, adding that he thinks the decision to hold a vow renewal ceremony typically occurs when the husband "messed up." 

"And I’m not talking about 'leaved the toilet seat up,'" he clarified. "I’m talking about messed up!"

Earlier this week, Ripa offered some sage words of marriage advice in an interview with ET

"The thing is, don't panic," she said. "I think if you ask either one of us how long we've been married we'll probably say something in between three and eight years because that seems like a reasonable number to be married. But then we look and we have adult children and we've gone through a lot of things together. And our kids will show us documentaries that they think we'd find interesting and I'll say to them, 'Oh, you know, Dad and I were married when that went down.' And they're like, 'What? But look at how old-fashioned it is.' They can't conceptualize. It's funny. It goes faster than you think."

The pair recently offered an update on the state of their union two months after Consuelos began co-hosting Live with Ripa full-time, telling ET that they've set a few boundaries to keep home and work life separate.

"Once we get ready for work, it's work time," Consuelos noted of the couple's routine. "And we get here, you know, she has her dressing, [I have] my dressing room."

"Although, he spends way more time in my dressing room than Ryan ever did," Ripa teased.

Jokes aside, the couple stressed the importance of "living their lives" outside of work -- in part, so they have something to discuss the next day.

"I've enjoyed going to theater now," Consuelos shared. "I've not been in New York, [for] this amount of time, consecutively. So I've seen a lot of theater. We're doing a lot of separate things, too. So we have some stuff to talk about."

"Yeah, I mean, that was one of the benefits when [he] lived in Vancouver [filming Riverdale] was that our lives were so separate," Ripa agreed. "So when he would come in there, it was, like, really a world of different things. So at home, we sort of still, like, occupy our own separate spaces, so that it's never redundant."



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