Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Don't Look So Sure About Their New 'Empty Nest'

The couple's youngest son, Joaquin, graduated and went to the University of Michigan this year.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos may have the house to themselves after sending their youngest child, son Joaquin, off to college at the University of Michigan, but the parents of three don't seem quite as excited about it as one might think. 

On Sunday, Ripa posted a selfie with her husband on the couch, and both 50-year-old stars look rather skeptical about their new situation.

"So far we are crushing this empty nest thing 😕😵‍💫" Ripa jokingly captioned the pic. 

The couple's oldest son, Michael Consuelos, commented on the post, "I had almost no doubt." 

Michael already remarked on his parents' empty nest during a July appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan. 

"She already adopted a dog, so she's already been preparing," he told Ripa's co-host, Ryan Seacrest, before telling his mom, "I think you'll be fine."

Michael also recently gushed to ET about his parents, saying, "They're great, not just in, like, a relationship sense, but they're great role models. I try to conduct myself the way I think they would." 

Ripa opened up to ET about her plans for her empty nest back in 2019. 

"I'm truly going to be running through the house naked," she said at the time. "I just want everybody to know that. I'm going to be sitting on every piece of furniture naked. Be warned before you come over. That's what I'll be doing in my spare time."


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