Kendra Wilkinson Gets Emotional Over Life as a Single Mom and Starting a New Career (Exclusive)

'Kendra Sells Hollywood' returns for season 2 on May 26.

Kendra Wilkinson is working on her new lease on life. The former Playboy model and Girls Next Door star opened up to ET about the challenges of being a single mother while pursuing her career in real estate. 

Wilkinson's reality TV show, Kendra Sells Hollywood, returns for season 2 this month, with the first two new episodes premiering on Max on May 26.  

Speaking with ET's Deidre Behar, Wilkinson gave some insight into raising her two children -- son Hank and daughter Alijah -- whom she shares with her ex-husband, Hank Baskett

"I mean, look, it's really hard being a single mom, you know, alone," Wilkinson began. "Starting a new career in real estate on a TV show, it's hard work because not only am I trying to focus on building my new career, I am a single mom on top of it," Wilkinson explained. 

The reality star went on to admit that sometimes the pressure of her public persona gets to her, but she is charging forward in the real estate industry. 

"I'm still learning, but now in season 2, I'm officially in the real estate game, so it's a whole different ball game. I’m still a single mom, it's a lot of pressure -- it's a lot of pressure to start a new career with the world watching," she said. 

Wilkinson affirmed that she "loves creating TV. I love doing TV. I love being a single mom. I love real estate. But sometimes when you know, it just gets to be a lot. A lot of pressure, because, you know, I'm not a perfect person."

In the first season of Kendra Sells Hollywood, which premiered in 2021, Wilkinson joined the high-profile real estate firm Douglas Elliman and chronicled her journey through selling homes across Los Angeles. 

As she prepares for the release of the next installment of her series, Wilkinson said she went into it as an "open book."

"Whew, season 2, it can get heavy, it's emotional, it's funny, there's a lot that happens," she said. "But I know I'm strong enough to do it. And I'm on this road. I have dreams. I have ambition. I have so much to reach and I'm not going to stop." 

Kendra Sells Hollywood season 2 premieres its first two new episodes on Max on May 26.