kenzie's 'MOTIVES' Music Video Is All About Girl Power! (Exclusive)

Mackenzie Ziegler takes ET behind-the-scenes of her boxing gym-inspired music video.

Kenzie is working out her issues, literally! The 15-year-old musician and dancer, whose full name is Mackenzie Ziegler, debuted the dance-heavy music video for her new single "MOTIVES" on Wednesday. 

ET's Deidre Behar was behind the scenes on the set of the video, which was all about female empowerment. 

"It's a gym run by girls. The song was produced by girls. It's directed by a girl, Lillie Wojcik, and then all of the dancers are girls, so I wanted to make sure this was all based around girls, because girls are super cool and they should be recognized more for their music," Kenzie tells ET. 

The song, which questions a person's motives, isn't, in fact, about a love interest at all. 

"It's actually a friend. It's not about a boy or a relationship or anything," Kenzie says of the song's subject. "I just noticed they weren't actually being my friend for just me. It was just for like followers and clout and them getting an advantage from it. So I needed to write a song about it."

Kenzie got her start on TLC's Dance Moms. She is the younger sister of star Maddie Ziegler, and she "for sure" credits the show with her success. 

"I can learn dances in, like, two minutes if I have to, and that definitely helped me and gave me an advantage," Kenzie says of Dance Moms. "And also I just learned everything that I know from doing that so I'm very thankful for it. I wouldn't be dancing if that didn't happen."

Kenzie also can't stop gushing about her main man, Isaak Presley. The Fuller House star recorded a special message for his lady love that only ET showed her. 

"He's literally the sweetest person. He's so supportive with everything," she gushes. "He's literally one of my favorite people. He's always there for me and he just loves everything that I do."

At 15, kenzie is ready to conquer the world of music. She tells ET that in five years, she hopes to be "Selling out stadiums and going on world tours. Just like, above and beyond, pretty much!"