Kevin Hart on Starting 'Muscle Car Crew' After 2019 Car Crash (Exclusive)

The actor opens up to ET about sharing his new hobby with his ride or dies.

Kevin Hart and his ride or dies are taking their love of cars to the next level. The comedian and his comedy crew The Plastic Cup Boyz are letting fans in on their inner circle in a new series for MotorTrend. 

Kevin Hart's Muscle Car Crew will debut Friday on the MotorTrend App -- nearly two years after Hart was involved in a scary car crash. The September 2019 crash left the actor with three spine fractures, which would have left him paralyzed if they had been a quarter of a centimeter in one direction.

The father of four spent months in recovery, and by December 2019, revealed he was "65 to 75% back to my physical self." 

So when fans see Hart riding in the passenger seat of his buddies' cars, it's not because he can't drive, the comedian told ET's Kevin Frazier. 

"You don't need to know what our situation is as friends," he joked. "Sometimes I don't want to drive. You know why? Because sometimes I want to celebrate my friends and their amazing cars." 

"The whole point about having a car crew is to drive as a car club. It's all about the pull up, it's all about the conversation after the pull up, it's all about leaving in hopes that people are going to talk about the car that you're in," Hart explained. 

The 41-year-old actor bought each member of his crew a muscle car of their own. Harry Ratchford, John Clausell, Ron Everline and Spank Horton all roll out in classic muscle cars -- except for Joey Wells, who rides in a 1956 Volkswagen Beetle. 

"Being someone who is more mature than everybody and looks better than everybody, I've always been the outcast. So, it's the same thing," Wells cracked. "Just having a different car and being the only mature person in this group, it's the same thing. It is what it is." 

"If I press really hard, I get up to 35," he added. 

No matter what they're driving, Hart said it's "dope" to be able to share something new with his buddies. 

"I think when you can share any type of success with the people that you're closest to, that's an amazing thing. It's an amazing feeling and one that I'm really excited about," he said. "This is the start of what I think will be so, so special and so big. It's an opportunity to change the conversation of car culture." 

"For us to really embrace it, really step into it, show that we're not only about this world and we want to be students of the world but we want to grow in it as well... we want to do it as a team, as a club, as friends. And hopefully expand the conversation," he continued. 

Kevin Hart's Muscle Car Crew will debut Friday on the MotorTrend App. See more on Hart in the video below.