Kevin Smith Reveals Amazing 43-Lb. Weight Loss Less Than 4 Months After Massive Heart Attack

Kevin Smith
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Kevin Smith is fitter and healthier than he's been in years, less than four months after suffering a massive heart attack.

The celebrated indie director took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a health update with his fans, and revealed that he's already reached the milestone instructed by his doctor following his emergency heart surgery in late February.

"Today, I am down a total of 43 pounds! Only 7 more pounds until I’ve shed the 50 my Doctor told me to lose following the heart attack!" Smith captioned a photo of his remarkably slimmer countenance.

The filmmaker thanked those who inspired and guided him on his weightless journey -- including magician Penn Jillette, who lost over 100 pounds and wrote the book Presto! chronicling his experience, as well as radical nutrition scientist Ray Cronise, whose potato-based mono-diet plan Smith credits for kick-starting his impressive physical transformation.

Smith also thanked Weight Watchers, whom he recently teamed up with to be a brand ambassador.

"This #wwambassador is now at the absolute adult thinnest I’ve been since I finished high school!" Smith shared. "And while I may look a little better, I FEEL f**king fantastic! It’ll take a few weeks, but I’m ready to lose that final 7 pounds! And when I hit my goal, I’ll let you know where I started."

Earlier this week, ET's Katie Krause caught up with Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, at the Max Mara Women In Film Face of the Future gala at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, where the 18-year-old actress opened up about her dad's health scare and subsequent recovery.

"He's doing so great, he's better than ever. He's vegan which is I'm so happy about," she shared. "I was trying to get it to happen for like the entire time I've been vegan, so that heart attack did push it a little bit over the edge… but I'd like to think I'm somewhat responsible."

In fact, the young actress -- who starred in her father's 2016 horror comedy Yoga Hosers -- said her dad's new lifestyle is even going to dictate their Father's Day plans.

"He's become obsessed with vegan dining," she said. "So we're gonna definitely be going to some vegan restaurant because he has become entirely obsessed."

Smith was rushed to the hospital on the night of Feb. 25 while filming a stand-up comedy special in Glendale, California, and underwent surgery to clear a massive blockage of his left anterior descending artery, which could have easily killed him if not for emergency surgery.

When Smith suffered the heart attack, he'd already lost 80-90 pounds over the last seven years, but he said in a Facebook Live video, posted the day after his surgery, that his doctors told him that years of obesity had already done significant damage.

Since returning home, Smith has been very candid about his weight-loss efforts and steadfast determination to get fit. Check out the video below for more on Smith's impressive weight-loss journey over the last few years.


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