Khloe Kardashian Addresses Tristan Thompson's Blurred Face in New 'KUWTK' Episode

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The latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians continued to give fans an inside look at the relationship drama between Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson before their eventual split.

However, there was surprisingly little Tristan in the episode. Specifically, the NBA star's face was blurred out of every framed photo of him and Khloe, and new footage taken by Khloe showing him playing with their infant daughter, True, had also been blurred to conceal his face.

Some fans thought it was a strange choice, considering his face hadn't been blurred in previous episodes, and others went as far as to assume Khloe had demanded his face be blurred in response to their break-up.

Khloe took to Twitter to respond to questions about the blurring, and claimed she didn't notice while watching the episode.

"Wait? It is!?!?? I did not even notice that. I don’t know," Khloe wrote. "Well, you obviously know who it is LOL so I don’t know what the point of that is. I’ll find out."

When another fan asked, "Isn’t there a paper you have to sign in order to be shown on the show? maybe it’s that??" Khloe responded, "Yes there is!"

She later stated that the issue of a waiver was likely the cause for the blurring, adding, "He might not have signed a waiver to show those images. Why would I want to blur his face? I’m not hiding his identity LOL."

Kardashian's argument that Tristan may not have signed a waiver was bolstered by the fact that in footage from a previous episode showing Khloe in the delivery room after giving birth -- footage that Tristan would have already had to sign a waiver for -- his face is not blurred.

Whether or not the blurring was intentional, the show didn't shy away from addressing the issues in the couple's now-ended relationship.

The episode -- which took place less than a year after they welcomed their baby True amid the first round of Tristan's cheating scandals -- showed Khloe and her best friend, Malika Haqq, flying out to Cleveland with True, so that she and her baby could spend time with Tristan.

Sitting together at dinner in Cleveland, Malika and Khloe get into a deep conversation about the state of her relationship with Tristan, and Khloe admitted, "It's really hard to regain trust."

"I'm someone where the energy I have towards True, that's all that matters to me, and if that starts to be affected by me wondering, 'What's Tristan doing? Where is he?' I will be out in two f**king seconds," Khloe said, prophetically predicting the eventual break-up the pair would later deal with in the coming months. "I am in love. I know I love him, but still, I'm not gonna act like nothing's wrong."

Khloe also said that, as they've been trying to rebuild their relationship, Tristan has been repeatedly keeping count of how many months it's been since the scandal broke, and pressuring her to forgive him.

"I'm allowed to do things when I want to do it," Khloe said. "He needs to know, 'Your one stupid weekend… look what it did to three years of our relationship. You just demolished that. So was it worth it for you?'" Khloe shared. "I appreciate the efforts he's put in. Like he does self-help and therapy… and he knows I'm still trying. I don't have to come here."

"If I didn't feel anything, I wouldn't be here," she added, referring to her trip across the country to see him. "I still have to get to, like, the next phase. And I will get there."

For the latest on the pair's post-split relationship, which came to an end for good in February amid another high-profile cheating scandal, check out the video below.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!


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