Kim Kardashian Addresses Rumors That Kanye West Used a Sample of Her Sex Tape in a Song

Kim Kardashian body pink dress
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The reality star clarified the latest outlandish rumors about herself through her personal website.

Another day, another rumor about Kim Kardashian West.

The reality star took to her official app on Thursday to cover the latest headlines in a recurring segment called "#Facts" with her former assistant, Steph Shep.

The wildest headline this time? That her husband, Kanye West, sampled her infamous sex tape for a song.

"Absolutely not," she says.

Even stranger, her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, alerted her to the headline.

"What's so crazy is Kylie called me [saying] 'Oh my god, is this, you know, you being sampled?'" Kim shares. "And I was like, 'What?' I was like, 'Oh my god, no, he would, of course, ask me and tell me. No, no, no, absolutely not.'"

Another rumor cleared up in the video? That Kris Jenner and Kanye West have "explosive" fights because Kris can't control Kanye.

"No one is trying to control anybody, no one is fighting. All of this stuff is ridiculous. They always want this Kris Jenner-Kanye beef," the 37-year-old explains. Steph backed her up saying, "Every time I see them, there are hugs and there is so much over love for each other!"

Kim also addressed her fashion choices, which are often scrutinized. Apparently, people thought she was dressed "inappropriately" for Pusha T's wedding, to which she wore a dark gold long-sleeved mini.

"I never heard that," Kim says of the accusations. "Everyone was wearing short dresses."

She adds, "The best part of that, when I bought that dress a year ago, two years ago, it didn’t even zip on me. I bought it, it was a one-of-a-kind, runway.  I tried it on to wear it for a Christmas Eve party. It zipped up and flattened me so much. It was baggy on me. I’m going to get it tailored and I will wear it again so I can be properly photographed to get enough shine."

For more on Kim setting the record straight, watch the video below.