Kim Kardashian Gives Gypsy Rose Blanchard Tips to Handle the Online Haters as They Meet in Person

Gypsy Rose Blanchard had a private meeting with Kim Kardashian on 'The Kardashians.'

Kim Kardashian and Gypsy Rose Blanchard meet on this week's episode of The Kardashians. Kim flew to Louisiana to meet with Gypsy Rose just three weeks after the formerly incarcerated personality was released from prison. 

After Gypsy Rose reached out to Kim about working with her on prison reform, the mother of four, who has publicly highlighted numerous cases in the field, agreed to meet up. 

Telling one of her associates that Gypsy Rose "could be really impactful with youth and abuse," Kim happily greeted Gypsy Rose, telling her she'd been following her case for a long time. 

"I wouldn't want to come meet with someone who I felt could make an impact just for the sensation of the case," Kim told Gypsy Rose. "I recognize that you could make a big difference because you can really articulate what you went through and how you can get through it."

Kim Kardashian meets Gypsy Rose Blanchard on 'The Kardashians.' - Hulu

For her part, Gypsy Rose praised Kim, giving the reality star "massive kudos" for agreeing to meet with her. 

"I think a lot of people are really afraid of touching me as a topic because I'm too controversial," Gypsy Rose explained as Kim brushed off the idea. 

Gypsy Rose went to prison for her involvement in the killing of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Gypsy Rose and her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, were convicted in 2016 for orchestrating the murder of Dee Dee, who had been manipulating her daughter's life and portraying her as terminally ill.

She was released from prison in December 2023 after serving 85 percent of her sentence.

"Now looking back on it, I'm like, I could have done things a lot differently and it would have ended with my mother being in prison. Did she deserve prison? Yes," Gypsy Rose told Kim. 

Kim agreed with Gypsy Rose that the situation was "so complicated" as Gypsy Rose spoke about times she'd listen to some of her mom's favorite music in prison and cried. 

"Crying in prison, you're so vulnerable, especially women, they're so caddy," Gypsy Rose shared. "Their first go-to is 'Well, you killed her, so why are you crying about it?'"

In her confessional interview, Kim shared her feelings on the matter, saying, "I do believe people should have second chances in life and I take her entire background into consideration. It's really crazy not to."

Kim Kardashian on season 5 of 'The Kardashians.' - Hulu

After Kim said she thought Gypsy Rose was "so strong," she replied, "Thank you, I appreciate that… I'm doing my best to try to make my family proud."

Kim even provided Gypsy Rose with some social media advice after she admitted to struggling with people criticizing her selfies for not having a "deeper message."  

"Sometimes you have to just post — and I say — post and then ghost," Kim told her. "I think the way you live your life moving forward is the deep message…You've been through hell and back."

Gypsy Rose expressed her interest in making the prison system better for incarcerated individuals, sharing that she was denied one-on-one therapy while behind bars. 

"I want to be the person that I wish I had to guide me, but I feel very new at it," Gypsy Rose explained, as Kim offered to help her set up a team. 

"I think she's a perfect person to talk to a younger generation," Kim said in an aside interview, going on to tell Gypsy Rose, "I think that you have such an important future to help so many people."

ET spoke to Gypsy Rose in May about her meeting with Kim. 

"It was a very big honor to get to meet her and I know that prison reform is definitely something that she's passionate about [and] it's something that I'm passionate about, so to get to connect with her and talk about that was a wonderful experience," the Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup star said. "I know viewers are gonna enjoy kind of seeing what we talked about."

Kim has become known for her work with multiple presidential administrations, working to get inmates released early. She is also studying to become a lawyer herself. 

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