Kristen Bell Couldn't Hold Back Tears at Daughter Lincoln's Preschool Graduation

Kristen Bell at Baby2Baby
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Nobody said parenting was easy, even during those celebratory moments.

Kristen Bell attended her 5-year-old daughter Lincoln’s preschool graduation over the weekend, and she revealed that the ceremony had her crying her eyes out.

“Don’t worry guys I’m having a great time at preschool graduation. I'm not a mess or anything,” the 38-year-old actress captioned a photo in which she cracks a pained smile while sitting in the audience. But she soon gave up the facade.

“Ok I was lying before,” Bell wrote alongside a second image in which a tear is streaming down her face. “Please send help.”

These touching images come just weeks after ET caught up with Bell at the premiere of her new film, Like Father, where she discussed parenting and shared what traits her daughters, Lincoln and 3-year-old Delta, share with their father, Dax Shepard.

"They're stubborn as all get out," Bell responded, joking, "They get that from me."

Kristen Bell
Courtesy of Instagram
Kristen Bell
Courtesy of Instagram

Bell added that the main trait the girls get from their father is that they're both "really good critical thinkers. They ask a ton of questions and not annoying questions but questions that are leading them to sort of greater truth," Bell explained. "Like this afternoon my husband was listening to a podcast about Watergate about how the Nixon presidency fell and my 5-year-old was like, 'Why did that woman want to call the newspaper?' And he was trying to answer and he's like, 'I can't unravel why the Nixon presidency tumbled,' and [Lincoln] was like, 'Well, try.'"

Bell's new film tells the story of a man (played by Kelsey Grammer) who attends the wedding of his daughter (Bell) after being absent from her life for years. And if that isn’t problematic enough, the bride is jilted at the altar. This prompts the father-daughter pair to reconnect over a night of heavy drinking during which they decide to take a cruise that was originally meant for her honeymoon, forcing them to address where their relationship went wrong.

Like Father is streaming on Netflix now.

Get more news on the actress in the clip below.


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