Kristen Doute Reveals Tom Sandoval's Text Messages to Ariana Madix After Affair

Doute's interview comes just as Madix released a statement regarding the affair.

Kristen Doute is giving Vanderpump Rules fans an inside look at the post-Scandoval aftermath. While appearing as a guest on Nick Viall's Viall Files podcast this week, Doute shared some of Tom Sandoval's text messages to Ariana Madix after news of his months-long affair with Raquel Leviss. was revealed.

"I believe it was filmed -- he was just gaslighting her. The was no genuine apology. He was saying how she never supports him, she doesn't validate him," Doute said of Sandoval's apology to Madix, which she believes was filmed after Madix found out about the affair.

She added, "He was blaming her."

While the reaction may come as a surprise to some, Madix included, Doute, who famously dated Sandoval for six years said, "That is Tom to a T."

"Of course it made her mad, but then when I filmed with her, she's like, crying and holding up her phone going, 'So, he's saying our relationship is that of convenience and contentment,' or something. Not love and romance... She said that Tom said this about she and Tom," Doute added. "And she's immediately just flooding tears, looking at her phone going, 'So, all of these memories, all of these wonderful trips we took, all of these videos I have, all these kissing photos, this was all bullsh*t?'"

Doute's sit-down with Viall comes just as Madix broke her silence on the affair, almost two weeks after the news was first revealed.

Posting a photo of herself in a hot pink and green dress from a recent trip to Mexico for her friend's wedding, Madix started off the message writing, "Hi. Where to begin?"

Noting that she wanted to share her "most sincere gratitude" for the "outpouring of love and support" she's received since the news broke, she added, "When I have felt like I couldn’t even stand, you all have given me the strength to continue and seen me through my darkest hours."

The reality star continued, "To say I have been devastated and broken is an understatement. However, I know that I am not in this alone. So many of my closest friends are also grieving this loss right now and reeling from this betrayal on so many levels."

Madix concluded her message writing, "What doesn't kill me better run." 

Both Sandoval and Leviss have also released statements of their own, with the pair each starting off their messages to followers by apologizing to Madix.

As for how Madix is doing, Doute told Viall, she said she's "devastated" and "humiliated."

"I mean, she's devastated. She's humiliated. She was in Mexico over the weekend for a wedding and I haven't seen her since, but I've talked to her and she was just like, 'It was really nice to get away from everything,'" Doute shared. "She's not quite ready to come back to, you know, real life, but the conversation that we've essentially been having with her is like, she's very nervous and afraid for the first time she's going to have to sit alone with these thoughts and, like, truly deal with the reality of it all, post-filming. I told her, I get it, but you don't have to be there right now. There's no timeline. Don't force yourself."

Meanwhile, filming has indeed resumed on Vanderpump Rules -- Doute included, with the TV personality returning to film Scandoval episodes after being fired from the show in 2020. The reality series plans to include the breakup and its fallout in season 10, a source told ET. That split, another source told ET, is for good as neither Madix nor Sandoval want to get back together.

"Ariana has no plans to get back with Tom after what he did to her and Tom is ready to move on," the source said. "Ariana is devastated and feels betrayed, something she won't be able to get over for a long time."