Kristin Cavallari Returns Home After 3-Week Bahamas 'Isolation' From Coronavirus Outbreak

Kristin Cavallari in March 2020
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

The reality star traveled with her husband, Jay Cutler, their three kids, and her hairstylist.

If you have to get stranded, it might as well be in paradise! Kristin Cavallari finally made it home to Nashville, Tennessee, after being stuck on her Bahamas vacation with husband, Jay Cutler, their three kids -- Camden, 7, Jaxon, 5, and Saylor, 4 -- her hairstylist friend, Justin Anderson, and his fiance, Rhodes Austin, for weeks. 

The 33-year-old reality star and shoe and jewelry designer took to her Instagram Story to confirm that she and her family had made it safely back to the States following their recent vacation-turned-isolation in the Bahamas. 

"OK, we made it home and very happy about that," Cavallari says as she shows off her all-natural products she's excited to use. The caption reads, "We had a short window to get out of the Bahamas so we jumped all over it."

In the clip, one of the reality star's kids can be heard cheering and Cavallari replies, "We are really home, I know!" 

According to Anderson, a couple's trip to the Bahamas went wrong when they were made to stay in isolation. 

"Three weeks of isolation, man. this island family has figured out our groove," Anderson wrote on an Instagram selfie with Cavallari last week. "Fitness is a priority so we alternate kid duty to get our sweat on each morning, lifeguard duty alternates throughout the day but it’s mostly scoot, big jay does most of the night time grilling, kristin and i do a lot of 'business lady' things on our phones throughout the day to keep our businesses rollin ✌?♥️."

He also called out negative commenters, adding, "Side note bc i like to keep the negativity at a minimum here: this is where we happen to be isolated, dont compare your situation or say something s***ty and judgmental- just be positive bc i genuinely believe that being positive is what we all need right now.) ?."

Anderson and Cavallari posted several workout videos from their tropical getaway. On one, Anderson wrote, "Do you die for our corona workout location today? not a person in sight. we haven’t left each other’s side in over three weeks and we still gigglin and jokin and playin and sweatin- dats love."

Cavallari replied in the comments section, writing, "No one else id rather be quarantined with. I’m also sitting next to you as I write this."

The stars received plenty of backlash in the comments for traveling and posting about it in uncertain times, with people calling their posts "tone deaf" and slamming their privilege. While the group was on their trip, the coronavirus outbreak intensified with schools closing across the country and many states issuing lockdowns and "shelter in place" orders. Thousands of people all over the world have died and health officials are urging people to quarantine and practice social distancing.