Lady Byrd Cafe Owner Misty Mansouri Reveals Everything You Need for a Beach Picnic This Summer

Missy Mansouri
Paul Morris

Misty Mansouri, owner of Lady Byrd Cafe, tells ET how to host the perfect summer beach picnic.

Beach bound! Since 2020, Lady Byrd Cafe has been a go-to spot in Los Angeles, California, for diners to enjoy delicious food in while immersing themselves in a beautiful atmosphere, so it’s no surprise that the restaurant is heating up this summer.

The cafe boasts a private dining set-up in small greenhouses and two open-air patios, making it the perfect warm-weather destination, and restaurateur and owner Misty Mansouri is telling ET all about their summertime specials. 

"Lady Byrd Cafe is a beautiful little gem, nestled in a neighborhood that’s perfect for a summer evening or afternoon," she explains. 

Lady Byrd Cafe/Instagram

"We have a variety of salads, hummus, fresh fruit, salmon, a variety of veggies, some light pastas, and rosé to top it all off," the businesswoman adds.

Additional fan favorites: "Our breakfast items like frittatas, eggs Benedict, vegan bowls, and pancakes are also always a hit, and we have great sandwiches like the chicken panini."

Beyond the menu items, the cafe’s decor has gotten a bit brighter with some new decorations. 

"We have added some lovely little umbrellas in multiple colors," the CEO notes.

Lady Byrd Cafe/Instagram

If you can't make it into the restaurant just yet, Mansouri says you can emulate the vibe of the Lady Byrd Cafe by hosting a chic beach picnic. 

"We have some great patchwork blankets that we sell … I also love to bring a sparkling rosé, hummus and pita bread, and a variety of sandwiches. … Spotify has a cookout playlist that is awesome too," she spills. 

Lady Byrd Cafe is located at 2100 Echo Park Ave. Los Angeles, California 90026 and offers breakfast, lunch, aperitivo and dinner.