LaKeith Stanfield Celebrates Engagement to Kasmere Trice Amid ‘Secret Family’ Claims From Tylor Hurd

Kasmere Trice and LaKeith Stanfield
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Artist Tylor Hurd alleged the 'Atlanta' star fathered her daughter a day after he announced his engagement.

Just hours after LaKeith Stanfield announced his engagement to girlfriend Kasmere Trice, artist Tylor Hurd came forward alleging that the Atlanta star has been hiding the fact that he fathered her daughter, Apollo. 

Stanfield and Trice announced their engagement on Dec. 30, with the couple sharing a series of photos on social media. Trice revealed that the 31-year-old actor popped the question during a trip to the Bahamas for her birthday, tweeting, "Yea.. I'm having the best birthday my baby made me mrs. Stanfield for my birthday! #lakeithandkasmereforever."

She shared the same photos on Instagram, captioning the slides, "Happy birthday, mrs. Stanfield ☺️💍 #priceyiceyWIFEY."

Stanfield also shared the news on his Instagram page, posting the snaps on the same day as his fiancée and writing, "Happy birthday to you baby.🌹💫."

When the couple shared photos of them celebrating New Year's Eve together, Hurd posted a now-deleted Instagram reel captured by The Neighborhood Talk. The video features clips of Stanfield spending time with Hurd and Apollo, and the artist captioned it with claims that the actor is the baby's father.

"Decided to leave being someone's secret family in 2022," Hurd wrote. "Meet Apollo Stanfield."

The capture of the now-deleted video also shows some back-and-forth between Stanfield and Hurd's respective accounts. "Thanks for respecting my not wanting to blast my child out to the internet. Very considerate of you," read a comment from the actor's account. 

"Value your privacy is why you lied to people saying she wasn't your baby or that I was just a random? you value your privacy but your gf post everything y'all do lol okay," Hurd's account responded. 

Stanfield's account then wrote, "I never once in my life said she wasn't my baby. I hope this does whatever it was supposed to do for you."

Shortly after that conversation, Hurd reportedly posted a statement to her Instagram Story where she opened up about going public.

In a screenshot captured by Page Six, Hurd wrote, "Just to clear a few things up I'm not jealous that's [sic] he's engaged to a woman he's known for 5 months. I tried to meet the girl and everything and she ignored me when i tried. what I'm upset about is that he made more time to spend with this woman than he's spent with Apollo her whole life and has been actively ignoring me when I'm trying to figure things out for our child."

"Those clips of him and her together are all I have in general cause he barely sees her," she added.

ET has reached out to Stanfield's representative for comment.

Stanfield welcomed his first child with The Mindy Project actress Xosha Roquemore in 2017.