'Lethally Blonde' First Look: Holly Madison's True Crime Series Tells Story of Courtney Clenney (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive sneak peek at the first episode of the new ID series.

OnlyFans has become a massive entity in the U.S., providing employment opportunities, as well as new and unique dangers for some of those who have established a presence on the platform.

In the debut episode of the new ID true crime series, Lethally Blonde, from executive producer Holly Madison, the unforeseen consequences and darker side of the adult content platform are laid bare with an examination of the real-life story of Courtney Clenney.

ET has an exclusive sneak peek at the premiere episode, "Too Fast Too Furious," which recounts Clenney's rise to popularity on OnlyFans, the unhealthy parasocial relationships she formed with her fans, and the shocking death of her boyfriend -- which led to her being charged with second degree murder.

"As a creator, you are constantly being told that authenticity sells," Madison explains in the docuseries. "Courtney worked really hard to connect with her fans and make sure she was providing great content."

"That's the name of that business," Madison adds. "But that can get a little sticky, too, if a fan gets too attached."

Clenney was a successful fitness influencer who became an OnlyFans performer. She was living in a Miami apartment with her Crypto-trader boyfriend, Christian Obumseli. One night in 2022, police found him stabbed to death. Clenney, who was arrested days later in Hawaii, claimed self-defense -- until a trove of disturbing evidence came to light, suggesting there may be more to the story than Clenney has said.

According to a press release, the six-episode docuseries explores "the power and peril of beauty" and shines a spotlight on "starry-eyed aspirants with big dreams who find themselves in a dark world that exploits their sexuality."

"I'm honored to continue working with ID in bringing these compelling true crime stories to life," Madison said in a statement in the press release. "We had the chance to delve into some fascinating worlds and cover so many gripping cases this year that explore obsession and murder that tragically affected so many."

Lethally Blonde premieres March 25 on ID.