Lil Xan Tweets He's Out of Rehab After Checking Himself in for Drug Addiction

Lil Xan
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The 22-year-old rapper said he's "out and sober."

Lil Xan is out of rehab.

Over the weekend, the 22-year-old rapper, who previously dated Noah Cyrus, took to Twitter to announce that he's "out and sober." The tweet came a month after he announced he was checking into rehab in a since-deleted Instagram post. 

“I just dropped out of SoundCloud Uni to go to rehab,?,” he wrote at the time. “I leave in like 5 days And I couldn’t be happier with this choice ? I love you guys for being so supportive and can’t wait too get back clean headed ready to Finish my album !”

Shortly after announcing that he'd left rehab, Xan had a bit of trouble with the law when the police were called to his Airbnb for playing his music too loud. He documented the experience on Instagram with two videos.

"What is happening, what you are seeing, I'm not being detained -- actually am I being detained?" he asked a cop in the first video.

"We're just asking you a few questions," the officer replied.

"Yeah, I'm being detained, basically. He didn't want to say it," Xan said to the camera. "I'm being detained for playing loud music at my Airbnb."

In the second video, one officer assures Xan that they're just there about the loud music. "The only difference is y'all have guns and we don't. You know what I mean?" Xan said. "Like, we don't have guns. Y'all have the thing to kill me and we don't. You know what I mean?"

In the caption, Xan further explained why the interaction upset him.

"not a gated community just playing music at 10 having a good sunday lol cops came with hands on there guns asking me to put my hands where i can see them and i did," he wrote. "Detained for no reason and these cops profiled me for the way i look,Anyone who thinks wants to say i’m not sober can think that but i’m Completely sober and was acting very calm... Just gonna leave this video here ! everyone have a good day tho ? witsooooomuchluvvvvv!"

Though no arrests were made, Xan and his group were asked to leave the Airbnb.

Following the Airbnb fiasco, Xan took to his Instagram Story to share his excitement about his upcoming European tour. The series of shows will kick off on Feb. 26 in Oslo, Norway, and continue for a month before concluding in Madrid, Spain, on March 27.


Back in September, Cyrus, 18, spoke to ET about her relationship with Xan, which she recently tweeted was a "mistake."

"It's all love and it's all good," she told ET. "I'm confused, is all I'm going say. It was just a shock for everybody, I think. [But] there's no point in drama, really, just because [I have a] tour, EP, [and a collaboration with] PIZZASLIME."

"I just gotta focus on me right now and I don't really need to have a boyfriend now anyway," she continued. "I realized that when everything blew up in my face. ... You don't need a man to make you happy so, that's for all you girls out there... except for your dads! Dads are the best."

Cyrus and Xan split after he publicly accused her of cheating on him, which she quickly denied.

Watch the video below for more on the former couple: