Lili Reinhart Comes Out as 'Proud, Bisexual Woman'

Lili Reinhart came out as a bisexual woman on Wednesday, but some criticized the timing of her announcement.

Lili Reinhart came out as a bisexual woman on Wednesday in an Instagram Story promoting a protest in West Hollywood, California, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. The 23-year-old Riverdale star said she would be joining an LGBTQ+ for Black Lives Matter protest taking place at noon on Wednesday.

"Although I've never announced it publicly before, I am a proud bisexual woman," Reinhart wrote. "And I will be joining this protest today. Come join."


While some fans praised Reinhart for coming out as bisexual, she also received criticism for coming out at a time when the focus is currently on the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Not the time to make this abt u -- do not use mobility around this movement as a coming out party," one comment reads.

On Wednesday, Reinhart's Riverdale co-star, Vanessa Morgan, also called out the CW series for making black characters on the show "non dimensional" sidekicks to white leads. However, she said she wasn't blaming her co-stars.

"My role on Riverdale has nothing to do with my fellow castmates/friends," she added. "They don't write the show. So no need to attack them, they don't call the shots & I know they have my back."

Reinhart replied, "We love you, V. And support you 10000%."

Reinhart has previously spoken out in support of the nationwide protests following George Floyd's death, a 46-year-old Minneapolis man who died after former police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for over eight minutes.

"I don't have all the right words, but I stand by you. #BlackLivesMatter," she tweeted on Monday. "I can't begin to imagine the horror of worrying that you won't be protected by your 'leaders' because of the color of your skin. I know that white privilege exists and I could never fully understand what it's like to be oppressed because of my race."

"I want to say that I am ashamed of the racism that exists in this country," she continued. "We are taught to look at our police officers as helpful and friendly when we learn about 'leaders' in elementary school. Our 'leaders' have failed us today."

Meanwhile, news broke last month that Reinhart and her Riverdale co-star, 27-year-old Cole Sprouse, broke up after nearly three years of dating. ET recently spoke with Sprouse's twin brother, Dylan, who gave an update on Cole and how he's been doing while quarantining with fellow Riverdale star KJ Apa.

"I mean, he’s living," Dylan said of how his twin is doing following the breakup. "Him and KJ in the very beginning of quarantine ended up staying together at KJ's place in Los Angeles. So, they're isolating together, which is very cute."

"I've heard a lot of cute stories," he continued. "I heard they're just lifting weights and eating cheese ... I think that's what they do. [Cole's] good. He's getting healthy, he’s relaxing, and I talk to him every day. We still FaceTime every day, for every year of my life."

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