Lindsay Lohan on What She Learned From Working With Husband Bader Shammas on 'Irish Wish' (Exclusive)

The pair wed in 2022 and welcomed their first child together in 2023.

Lindsay Lohan had a blast working with her husband, Bader Shammas, on her new Netflix film, Irish Wish

Talking with ET's Rachel Smith alongside her co-star, Ayesha Curry, the 37-year-old actress said that working with her husband, 37, and her brother, Dakota "Cody" Lohan, was an experience that only contributed to a more comfortable and enjoyable set. 

"It was a fun experience, Netflix does that really well -- the set becomes a family," the Mean Girls actress said. "We laughed a lot. Sometimes we broke and had to go back. It was great, but I think it wasn’t for him [Bader]!"

Lindsay and Bader wed in 2022 and welcomed their first child together, Luai Shammas, in July 2023. Bader is a Dubai-based financier and serves as an executive producer on the film. Meanwhile, Lindsay's younger brother, 27, stars as Finn in the forthcoming movie.

For Ayesha, 34, and Lindsay, the movie was also an opportunity to bond and make more mom friends. Ayesha shares three children with her husband, Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry, and is currently expecting baby number four. Lindsay told ET that the project brought her and Ayesha even closer as she felt comfortable asking her co-star and friend for advice whenever an issue arose. 

"I asked you questions behind the scenes," Lindsay said, looking at Ayesha. "She has three, I could ask her, 'Is this normal? Is this normal?'" 

"We had a bond even before," Ayesha, who is the godmother of Lindsay's son, added. 

While fans initially pegged Irish Wish as Freaky Friday-esque, Lindsay says another one of her previous films feels even more in line with the new movie.

"It definitely made me think about Just My Luck a lot. The character is very similar," she says, referring to her 2006 rom-com with Chris Pine.

Irish Wish follows Maddie (Lohan) who travels to Ireland for a wedding during a difficult portion of her life where she finds herself wishing for a different path. ET asked the actresses what they would tell a younger version of themselves, to which they both said they had an answer.

"Mine would be: it’s OK to make mistakes and let those experiences guide you. I always was so by the books," Ayesha said.

"I think I -- what I know now, you don’t have to rush so much, you can slow down," Lindsay added. "And listen to your mother. Now that I am one, I’ll be saying that a lot now. Take time for you always."

Watch the trailer for Irish Wish in the player below: 

Irish Wish releases on Netflix on March 15. 


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