Iconic TV Show Zoom Backgrounds To Liven Up Your Meetings

The Office season 1
Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

Ever wished you could indulge in a cappuccino at Friends' Central Perk or sip on a milkshake at Riverdale's Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe

How about stare dumbfoundedly at Michael Scott from The Office's bullpen or watch football alongside Roseanne's Dan Conner?

OK, so you can't really jump inside your TV set, but there's a good chance that there are two things you're doing a lot of these days: rewatching your favorite shows and hopping onto tons of Zoom meetings for work or happy hours with your BFFs.

The Conners

Even if you have a completely spotless apartment to show off (and if you do, please come clean ours after the pandemic is over), it can get kind of boring to see your own apartment 24/7. So, let us help you spruce things about a bit!

Behold: the TV Zoom background! We've collected plenty of famous sitcom and drama locales, from the Friends, Riverdale, The Office and Roseanne ones mentioned above to just as familiar living rooms courtesy of shows like The Golden Girls and The Big Bang Theoryand even the Tool Time set from Home Improvement and Game of Thrones' Iron Throne. 

Click through the gallery below and pick out your fave backgrounds to call your own.

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