'Love Is Blind' Reunion: Johnie Reacts to Chris' Cheating, Says Current Boyfriend Was Recruited for Show

Chris confessed to cheating on Johnie soon after the cast barbecue that was featured on season 5.

Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched season 5 of Love Is Blind and the reunion special, proceed with caution. 

One of the more shocking moments from Sunday's reunion special of season 5 of Love Is Blind happened when contestants Chris Fox and Johnie Maraist made their appearance on the show. 

Considering her connection with Izzy Zapata in the pods, Johnie cut Chris off, only to be rejected by Izzy and then to try to go back to Chris. The pair reconnected at the airport heading home from the experiment and were later seen at the cast barbecue, sharing with their co-stars that they were dating. 

But during the reunion, Johnie shared that after that barbecue, Chris went out of town for a wedding only for her to discover the following weekend that he was seeing someone else. 


"I never saw him again," she shared. 

"That is how it went down," Chris admitted. "And I didn't handle the situation as someone would properly. But I did find someone who I now live with and I love and we're very happy together. I'm sorry if that hurts to hear. The whole experiment is to find yourself and to find someone who will accept you for who you are and that's what I found, so I wouldn't change that for anything."

Chris said that the entire situation with Johnie and Izzy and the show was "a lot of stress" for him and that he struggles with telling people he loves things they don't want to hear. 

"I think he didn't want to hurt me so he thought he was -- I don't know -- gonna ease his way out," Johnie said of her ex.  


"Would you cheat on those you love?" co-host Vanessa Lachey pointedly asked Chris. 

"Apparently yes. It's terrible. I know I was wrong. I felt guilty and heartbroken and as many emotions as I could," he replied. "Because I did fall in love with you and I still care for you. It's a terrible, terrible thing to do and probably one of my biggest regrets is not being forthcoming with you. I've apologized before and I continuously apologize."

Johnie said she found out after a friend saw Chris with another girl and told her about it.  

ET spoke with both Chris and Johnie separately, directly after the reunion special taped. 

"My relationship with Johnie today is good friendship with a crazy experience that we shared together," Chris tells ET. "We did try to work things out. It didn't work. I'm happy now with the relationship I'm in. I'm in love with my girlfriend who I live with. We've dated for over a year now."


As for Johnie, she admits that seeing Chris again was "weird."

"It was weird seeing Chris again. We really haven't talked at all since I found out about everything that happened," she shares. "But it was nice. I feel like we can be cordial and wish each other the best going forward, and it felt like good closure."

As for her own future, Johnie is currently in a committed relationship with someone who has a link to Love Is Blind

"Well, right now I'm in a very loving relationship with an amazing guy. We're celebrating our one year this coming weekend," she shares. "He just moved in a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, so I'm looking forward to the future. He was actually recruited for Love Is Blind. But he said no, because he's very practical and he's like, 'I couldn't propose that quickly.' So now I'm like, 'Well, how long will it take?'"

Season 5 of Love Is Blind, as well as the reunion special, are currently streaming on Netflix.