'Love Is Blind' Season 5 Cast Member Shares Photos From Wedding Dress Fitting After Being Cut Out of Show

Renee Poche ended up making it all the way to the altar, but Netflix opted to cut her storyline.

While Love Is Blind fans are excitedly tuning in to see which of the season 5 couples says their "I dos" at the altar on Friday's finale, there's one couple whose storyline never made it to air. 

Season 5 contestant Renee Poche got engaged to fellow contestant Carter Wall on the show. And though plenty of past engagements have happened without the couples being followed, Renee and Carter were filmed all the way up to their altar moment, only for the footage to be entirely cut from the final edit. 

In fact, Renee and her mother are seen in the footage of the women wedding dress shopping and contestant Lydia Velez Gonzalez simply explains her inclusion by saying she brought Renee along as her guest. 


Now Renee is telling her story, in part, sharing behind-the-scenes photos from her bridal gown fitting on Instagram

"Wish everyone could have seen this wild journey 💖💖. Regardless of the up and downs I had a blast filming with my girls!!" Renee captioned the photos of her in the gown and wearing matching "Bride" jean jackets with Lydia and Stacy Snyder. 

She also shared a shot of herself getting ready on her wedding day. 

She also shared her cast photo on her Instagram Story, writing, "When you're cut from an entire show even though your bra-shirt matched your pants no matter what." 

Renee Poche/Instagram

Renee also spoke with Pop Sugar about her time on the show and Netflix's decision to cut her. 

"We did get engaged in the pods, and we were chosen to be followed for the rest of the journey. We did go all the way to altar, but we did not get married," Renee told the site, sharing that she noticed some "red flags" from Carter that led her to turn him down at the altar. 

As for why her storyline was cut, Renee said she's just as shocked as everyone else. 

"I was just as shocked as everybody else. I got a call a couple months before the show aired, in August, to let me know that our story wasn't going to be a big focus," Renee shared. "What I was told was, 'We'll just, point blank, say that Carter was awful and we don't want you to have to relive that. That's just not going to be a big focus.' They also said timing was an issue, so they decided to cut our story. That's what I was told."


Renee has since gotten married but says she was not married or in a relationship while filming. The show was filmed in early 2022. 

Noting her husband doesn't want his name of face put out in public, Renee gave a breakdown of their relationship timeline, saying, "We finished filming in June, and we didn't go out until September or October. I think I was in that spot where I was so ready for a real relationship and so excited for everything, and he saw the chance, so we did it! I want to keep our engagement private, but we got married in March."

Season 5 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix. The reunion special airs Sunday, Oct. 15 at 8 p.m. ET on Netflix.