'Love Is Blind' Season 6: Are Brittany and Ken Still Together?

They bonded over their shared values and Ken popped the question in the first four episodes of season 6.

What's going on here? One particularly sweet pairing on season 6 of Love Is Blind was Brittany Mills, 25, and Kenneth Gorham, 26, a senior client partner and a middle school principal who bonded over their shared values and religious beliefs. 

But despite their pod connection, the two couldn't seem to make things work in the real world and called off their engagement before ever making it to the altar. However, ahead of the upcoming Love Is Blind reunion special this week, Brittany dropped a very cryptic TikTok that has fans speculating that the former couple might have romantically reconciled. 

In the clip, Brittany stands with her arms crossed before miming zipping her lips and throwing away the key. Kenneth then steps out of a back room coming up behind her smiling. 

On the video it reads, "'Don't tell anyone.'"

Brittany captioned the video, "It's safe with…🤭 Stay 10 toes down for the reunion this Wednesday 3/13 to see where we’re at. @Kenneth Gorham #loveisblind #reunion #netflix #season6 #kenneth #brittany."

According to the previously released trailer, Brittany and Kenneth are both set to attend the reunion special, which drops Wednesday on Netflix. 

Fans got to see their love story play out on season 6 of the hit dating show. Knowing that they come from different races and backgrounds, the couple seemed undaunted as they moved forward and Ken popped the question to Brittany in the pods. 

"I have no doubt in my mind that you are the one who I'm supposed to be with," Ken declared. "When you speak, you immediately draw me in. When you laugh, I feel safe and secure." 

Brittany tearfully shared she doesn't think she's ever felt "so safe" in a relationship or "so loved." 


When they finally came face-to-face, their chemistry only seemed to intensify. Kenneth thanked the Lord, declaring, "God is good!" and Brittany confirmed that she liked her man's long hair. 

"I don't believe it would have mattered what he looked like, but, he is very handsome," Brittany confirmed in her confessional interview. 

They then traveled on their romantic group getaway, and while the connection still seemed to be there, some concerns were raised. AD talked to Ken about the racial differences, questioning whether Brittany would be able to raise a Black child. 

But this once-perfect pairing fell apart once they return to the real world in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kenneth was shown on his phone numerous times while Brittany seemed to be trying to connect with her man.

Finally, Brittany told her fiancé that she no longer feels the "crave" for him that she once had. The two amicably decide to go their separate ways. 


ET spoke with Kenneth and Brittany separately after their split, and the two exes are still great friends. 

"We actually decided the night that we ended our intimate relationship that we would actually remain friends," Brittany told ET. "Although we did drift apart, we learned so much. And I think I can speak for both of us, we're so thankful for the process and how it went and how it was handled." 

"We're still super close because we just have a larger understanding of who we are," Kenneth added. 

The Love Is Blind reunion special drops Wednesday, March 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Netflix. 


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