'Love Is Blind' Star Raven Reveals the Shocking Way She Found Out SK Cheated on Her (Exclusive)

The season 3 star of 'Love Is Blind' split from her fiancé in November 2022 after allegations surfaced on TikTok that he had cheated.

No one wanted their love story to end this way. Love Is Blind season 3 couple Raven Ross and SK Alagbada may have opted to not get married in the show's finale, but fans were thrilled to see the two trying to make things work long distance in the show's reunion episode this past November. 

However, just days after the reunion aired, new allegations surfaced on TikTok that SK had been cheating on Raven with women who claimed he told them his romance with Raven was all for the show or not happening when it was. 

In the After the Altar special, which premiered on Netflix on Feb. 10, fans once again saw Raven and SK's rekindled romance and a second proposal, only to later see a tearful Raven sharing that months after SK had proposed again, she'd learned of his alleged infidelity. 

Raven spoke with ET after the three-episode special aired to break down what was not shown on camera, including how she found out about the cheating allegations and what happened afterward. 

"I found out on TikTok with the rest of the world," Raven tells ET. "That's how it happened and it's OK now, but, yeah, when the world found out was when I learned about it too and we had to process that together."

She adds that at the time, she and her former fiancé were living together and he was even on a break from his business school in California. 

"This was all happening and we're sharing a space and going about our day-to-day lives, so we've had a lot of communication," she says of her ex. "Unfortunately, we weren't able to communicate enough to get past it. And I think as much as in the moment I wanted it to work, it was just a level of trust and you just gotta be realistic about your expectations of your partner and be realistic about respect in your relationship."


At the time, SK claimed that the allegations were false and that several of the women coming forward were highlighting times when and Raven were not in a relationship and he was, therefore, single. 

Raven offers her take on the situation, noting, "A lot of the allegations, to be fair, were made to seem as if they were more recent. But it was, you know, some pictures from 2018, some of it, and that was the part that got me because I was like, 'Well, you know, it was years ago so it was way before any Love Is Blind.' But when it came down to it, it was just a lot of elements of respect that were missing that's just a lot harder to mend."

She adds that there were "several instances" where "respect and trust was broken" while she and SK were in a relationship. 

SK even claimed at one point that he intended to take legal action against some of the women alleging that he cheated on Raven with them. Raven doesn't know if her ex still intends to pursue this option. 

"I'm not sure how he's followed up with any of that," she says. 

Some of the women also claimed that SK told them that his relationship with Raven was for "money" or "the show" and was never real. 

Raven admits that early on, even up to their wedding day, "our relationship was nowhere near where it ended up." But she adds that after "tons of growing," it evolved. 


"We were still in the friendship phase. We were still in the learning each other phase. There was no pressure of 'you're my boyfriend!' So I think that could definitely lead him to maybe communicate that to someone," she explains. "I think also people say things in the moment when they want something."

But as for where they were when the cheating allegations surfaced, Raven says there's "no question" they were in a relationship. 

"Why would I move in and sign documents with someone that I was in a fake relationship with? There's so many memories and stuff that you guys didn't even get to see that we have off camera that has been over this whole year and a half -- why would I do that with someone who I truly didn't care about?" she asks. "I think we can all agree that I'm not a delusional person." 

And while she admits that she never saw outright evidence of cheating from her ex, she does look back on certain moments in their relationship and realizes she should have asked more questions. 


"I keep saying this but hindsight is 20/20 and there were many times that I had a gut feeling and I didn't ask questions," she says. "It was always just me saying in the back of my mind, 'Hmm, that just doesn't really add up.' But I was not in a place, I was so worried about keeping our relationship together and not creating conflict that I wasn't asking the questions that I needed to be… There were many times I should have known better."

Months away from the split, Raven tells ET that she is dating again, quipping, "It's literally hilarious. I think it's so funny. I love it." 

And she has learned a big lesson from her time on the show. 

"My biggest takeaway is just to be vulnerable and let your guard down… Having your guard up really doesn't serve you," she says. "I tried it and still it didn't protect me. I think just going into everything being vulnerable is truly the best way and definitely something I want to continue to live my life by."

Love Is Blind: After the Altar and all of season 3 are currently streaming on Netflix.