'Love Island' Sneak Peek: Olivia Has Her Eye on New Islander Andre (Exclusive)

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Does Olivia Kaiser have her eye on a new islander?

On Thursday's episode of Love Island, sparks fly between Olivia and new boy Andre Brunelli, which makes Korey Gandy a little more than nervous. In ET's exclusive sneak peek, Olivia and Andre share a steamy kiss as part of a flirty Love Island game but it's clear there's a mutual attraction. So much so that when Andre gets the opportunity to choose an islander he'd like to take out on a tropical date, he, of course, picks Olivia.

"I would hope that Olivia doesn't come back and say she had a great day with Andre," Korey says during a confessional. Cut to Olivia having a great date with Andre, which ends with a kiss. 

Olivia's romantic luck in the villa hasn't been the best, falling short with a handful of guys. And though it appeared Olivia and Korey's connection was starting to blossom into something substantially more, Andre's entrance into the villa clearly changes the game.

Meanwhile, Korey gets to know villa newbie Bailey Marshall a little bit better, but is he just setting himself up for another awkward love triangle with Jeremy Hershberg, who's also interested in her? "Not Round 2!" Korey exclaims with a nervous laugh as Jeremy approaches Bailey during their one-on-one conversation. Plus, new islander K-Ci Maultsby goes on a date with Elly Steffen.

Love Island airs Tuesdays through Fridays, as well as Sundays, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Special episodes drop Mondays on Paramount+. Fans can binge the entire season of Love Island on Paramount+ before the finale on Sunday, Aug. 15.

For more on Love Island, watch below.

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