Luke Perry's Most Iconic 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Scenes as Dylan McKay

In honor of the late actor, here are some of his best moments from the classic '90s show.

Beverly Hills, 90210 star Luke Perry tragically died on Monday after suffering a massive stroke last week. He was 52.

In honor of the beloved actor, ET is looking back at the role that made him a household name from 1990 to 2000 -- Dylan McKay, the resident bad boy of West Beverly High.

Throughout the series, Perry wasn’t just a heartthrob and teen idol; the tribulations of his character were an integral part of what made the show so compelling. From Dylan's bouts with alcoholism and drugs to his romances with both Brenda and Kelly to his close friendship with Brandon, his evolution was one of the most fascinating aspects of the program. 

Here are some of Dylan’s most memorable moments:

Dylan Shuts Down the Bullies

Early in season one, the handsome outsider proves he’s also got a heart of gold by defending a freshman from some bullying jocks. The impressive moment also earns him the admiration of Brandon (Jason Priestley).

The Moment Dylan Met Brandon

After Dylan's standoff with the school bullies, Brandon decides to introduce himself. Soon after, they ditch school, and thus begins a beautiful, years-spanning friendship.

Dylan’s Flirtations With Brenda

Before Dylan and Brenda (Shannen Doherty) became the hottest couple at West Beverly High, they had more than a few flirtatious moments that set the scene for their relationship. Among them has to be when he pulls up on his motorcycle while she's in the middle of a jog. As diehard fans will surely recall, this is when she intended to say, "I like your bike" but what came out was, "I like your butt."

The Famous Breakup

In season two, things kick off with Brenda briefly believing she’s pregnant with Dylan’s child. This rattles Brenda and convinces her things need to change. While at the beach, Brenda decides to pull the plug on their roller-coaster romance. The whole scene is set to R.E.M.’s classic track, “Losing My Religion.”

When Dylan Saved Brandan's Life

During a camping trip, Brendan and Dylan hike among some rock formations. That's when the former slipped on the rocks and finds himself hanging on for dear life. Thankfully, Dylan was close by to pull him to safety. And this wasn't his last heroic moment on the show.

Dylan's Speech to the Walsh Family

Near the end of season 2, Dylan admits to the Walsh clan that they have been pivotal in his battle with alcoholism and his chaotic home, telling them: "Brenda, who saved me from going back to drinking. She saved me from myself. I don't know what I'm gonna do without you guys. At the risk of sounding mushy... you Walsh people are the only family I got."

Saving Kelly From An Attacker

The season two Halloween episode involved a truly terrifying scene. In it, the whole gang attended a spook-tacular gathering where Kelly (Jennie Garth) was cornered in a bedroom by an overly aggressive guy dressed as a cowboy.

Thankfully Brenda and Donna (Tori Spelling) walked in, putting a stop to the assault. That's when the three woman asked for some help from Dylan and Steve (Ian Ziering), who walked the cowboy out of the room.   

The Story in the School Paper

Although their relationship ends (for the time being), Brenda is still reeling from the pregnancy scare with Dylan. So, she decides to write a story about it in the school paper, which he doesn't approve of, though he isn't mentioned by name. The story leads to a heated discussed between the two. 

When Dylan Chose Kelly Over Brenda

In season 3, Dylan, Brenda and Kelly have a heated showdown over the romance that's blossoming between the latter two while Brenda was away in France. Both women demand that he pick one of them, so they can all move on.

He chooses Kelly and offers this explanation: "Look, it was you two who gave me that dumb ultimatum. You said choose. I chose, and I chose you. I want you. I've always wanted you."

Jack McKay Dies In a Car-Bombing

Dylan's relationship with his father Jack McKay (Jim Walsh), is always a touchy subject on the show. Early on, Jack is arrested and imprisoned for white-collar crimes. But near the end of season 3, he is released and the father-son duo attempt to rebuild their relationship.

However, Jack (seemingly) dies in a grisly car-bomb attack when he fails to pay off a debt. And Dylan witnesses the entire thing.

Dylan and Brandon’s Confrontation

Midway through the series, Dylan is in the throes of addiction following a failed intervention in which his pal, Brandon, comes by and attempts to help him. What follows is a nasty argument that features a truly epic phrase from the show: “May the bridges I burn light the way!”

Dylan's Wife Dies at the Hands of a Hitman

Following the supposed death of his father, Dylan comes to find out that a mobster named Anthony Marchette (Stanley Kamel) had him killed. In a quest for revenge, he romances the gangster's daughter, Toni Marchette (Rebecca Gayheart), in an effort to get close to him. However, the pair soon fall in love and get married.

But one rainy night, Toni is gunned by down a hitman who thought they killed Dylan. This event understandably shook Dylan and served as the last episode before Perry departed the show for years, before returning in season 9.

When Dylan Embraces Higher Learning

In the show’s final season, Dylan believes he’s gotten into college, however, he soon discovers that he was denied entry because he didn’t take the essay portion of his application all that seriously. So, he writes a new, honest essay and attempts to get in. 

Although he finally becomes a college student, it’s watching him attempt to charm the registrar’s office that is classic Dylan.

Dylan and Kelly’s Kiss to End All Kisses

The series concludes with a two-part episode in which Dylan reunites with on-again, off-again girlfriend Kelly at Donna and David’s (Brian Austin Green) wedding, where they rekindle their romance with a kiss for the ages.

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