Maluma Reflects on Past Heartbreak in New Song 'Hawái' -- Watch the Music Video

The singer also announced that his new album, 'Papi Juancho,' will be released later this year.

Maluma is using a past relationship as inspiration for his latest single, "Hawái." The 26-year-old singer dropped the breakup song and its accompanying music video on Wednesday. The track talks about two people splitting up in the modern Instagram age, where the photos that one shares and the story they tell can be deceiving. Maluma went through his own personal breakup. He and model Natalia Barulích broke up at the end of last year after two years together.

The music video, directed by Jessy Terrero and shot in Miami, also follows Maluma as he goes on a roller coaster of emotions and situations in the dramatic aftermath of the end of his relationship.

"The relationship is becoming toxic. You just don't get it. I can't continue this," the girl in the video says.

"Hawái" was written by Maluma, Keityn, Edgar Barrera and Bull Nene, and produced by Rude Boyz.

"Hawái" is the first single off of Maluma's forthcoming album, Papi Juancho, set to be released later this year. In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, the singer announced his upcoming LP and how it came to be.

"I didn't know that I was about to release an album this year because all of these things are happening," he shared. "I'm very excited…I had this chance to know myself again in this crazy sh*t that is going on. So I decided to make the music that I just wanted to do. And everything was fast. Everything was just flowing in."

"Suddenly I had 20-something songs and they were all new. And I was like, 'What am I going to do with this?'" he recalled. "I had a meeting with my marketing team, my PR team, and they were like, 'Let's put that album out and release it.'"

ET spoke with Maluma in April, when he released "Amor De Mi Vida." At the time, the singer shared that he was inspired by the love he has in his life -- and love he hopes to share with his future wife.

"I wanted to do a song to communicate with the people that I love how much I love them," he shared, noting how people often wait to express their love until it's too late. "I really wanted to do this song to send this message to the world and just give love. That's my position right now in life."

Hear more of what he shared in the video above.