'Masked Singer' Judges Tease Fans Will Be 'Screaming at the TV' During Season 3 Premiere (Exclusive)

The show's panelists spoke with ET on Tuesday and dished on the upcoming third season's biggest surprises.

The premiere of The Masked Singer season three is less than a month away, and the show's star-studded panel are sure the new run of episodes will have fans freaking out.

ET's Matt Cohen caught up with panelists Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy during Fox's presentation at the Television Critics Association Winter press tour, and they dished on the exciting and surprising premiere -- which kicks off right after the Super Bowl.

"We have already shot the season three premiere, and the unveiling on this one is the biggest shock yet. "I'm still in therapy for it!" Thick joked.

Apparently, the first guest to get unmasked during the first episode of the season managed to truly baffle the entire panel, including guest judge Jamie Foxx, who joined the main panelists for the premiere.

"None of us guessed it," McCarthy revealed. "All of us got it so wrong that when you watch at home, you guys are gonna be like screaming at the TV."

To be fair, guessing wrong -- and almost outlandishly wrong -- has become something of a staple for the delightfully weird reality competition series, and it's something the producers have definitely taken note of.

"They started to realize that the dumber we look, the more fun it is for everyone at home," Thicke said. "So I'm getting used to looking like a fool. it's been very cathartic."

To be fair, if the panelists were too good at guessing, it might strip away a lot of the enjoyable mystery and mystique of the series.

"It's no fun to find out… or guess too soon," McCarthy said. "You wanna keep people kind of you know tuning in and trying to play the game with us."

ET also spoke with fellow panelists Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong at the event, and the former Pussycat Dolls singer said that the reveals throughout the coming season have left them all "speechless."

"You wouldn't even be able to guess, because you'd never expect it," Scherzinger added, in awe.

Jeong -- who's carved out a niche on the panel as the most outrageous guesser -- joked that he wouldn't be able to correctly guess even if he knew who the contestants were ahead of time.

"You know as the dumbest judge, even if they told me, I still wouldn't get it right probably," Jeong joked.

The Masked Singer season three premieres after the Super Bowl on Feb. 2 on FOX.