Matt Lauer's Accuser Addie Zinone Reacts to His Ex-Wife Saying He Deserves a 'Second Chance' (Exclusive)

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Addie Zinone says she is open to having a conversation with Matt Lauer after alleging that she had a one-month affair with the ousted Today show host back in 2000.

In response to Lauer's ex-wife, Nancy Alspaugh, telling ET that he "needs to be given a second chance," Zinone says that she too wishes him the "best of luck," despite accusing him of abusing his power when they worked together. 

"Hopefully he has used this time to consider how he abused his power to prey on the vulnerable, and the effect it has on us as professionals, as young women and as people," Zinone tells ET. "If he embarks on a comeback, and is interested in a meaningful conversation about how his actions affected me, I welcome the discussion."

Zinone adds, "In the meantime, I and others are busy working hard to assure these abuses of power no longer happen.”

Last December, Zinone detailed her alleged affair with Lauer on Megyn Kelly Today, claiming that she felt "overwhelmed" by their relationship that she called "all consuming."

She also talked about the alleged first time she had a sexual encounter with Lauer, which she claims happened in July 2000 after he allegedly sent her flirty messages, then offered to take her to lunch to offer her professional advice. 

“During the lunch, it did not go to professional advice, it went quickly to accomplishing his goal," she alleged.

Later that day, she claimed Lauer asked her to come to his dressing room.

"Again, I realize that that sounds very naive and silly of me because I walked over to do that, but in that moment, I didn't have anybody to sort of share my fear and confusion except for him, because what am I going to say to people?" she explained. "I went on my own, so I'm owning that. I'm not suggesting that I'm not owning, you know, my part in this."

As for Alspaugh (who was married to Lauer from 1981 to 1988), she hopes her ex-husband gets to someday share his side of the story regarding his alleged inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.

"Matt has always been a support to his family and loved ones," Alspaugh told ET. "He has done so much quietly to help others and to support important causes. He donated a tremendous amount to my autism charity, ACT Today. Many people don't know that through all his hard work, he has been able to give back and has made a difference in this world. Matt never did this for the thanks and would like nothing more than to continue to give back to society."

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