Matthew Perry Jokingly Reacts to Being Called 'Disheveled'

Mike Pont/WireImage

Matthew Perry has hilariously reacted to a report describing him as “disheveled” -- by announcing he’s off to the nail salon.

“I’m getting a manicure this morning,” Perry, 49, tweeted on Friday. “That’s okay right? I mean it says man right in the word.”

Perry appeared to be responding to a Daily Mail article, featuring a photo showing him out and about in New York, casually dressed, unshaven and with what the outlet described as “long unkempt fingernails.”

Social media users got in on the humor, responding to Perry’s tweet with screengrabs from an episode of Friends, showing his character, Chandler Bing, at the nail salon with Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston.

The image in New York is believed to be the first photo taken of Perry in public in almost two years, during which he has faced health problems.

In September, Perry confirmed that he had spent three months in a Los Angeles, California, hospital following surgery to repair a gastrointestinal perforation.

He has previously battled alcohol and Vicodin addiction.

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