Meet the Golden Globes' Fiji Water Girl: Kelleth Cuthbert on Going Viral and Plans for Her Future (Exclusive)

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There were a lot of surprising winners at the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday, but the show had one clear spotlight-stealer: Aspiring model Kelleth Cuthbert, a.k.a the "Fiji Water Girl."

Cuthbert achieved viral fame while handing out bottles of the high-end drinking water on the star-studded red carpet outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, ahead of the big show, for some of the expressive looks and glances she was serving up all night.

"Well, you have to understand the layout of the red carpet. There are photographers everywhere!" Cuthbert told ET on Monday during a remote interview.

"But Fiji does have it's own photographer that works with you [and] they just tell us to be ourselves. Just have fun with it," she added.

The camera savvy model made the most of her time in the background of the spotlight, and fans couldn't help but notice, quickly turning the striking young model and Fiji Water server into a meme superstar.

While it's clear Cuthbert was having fun with her time on the red carpet, she says she had no idea that she'd become a social media sensation until people informed her while she was still working.

"I didn't realize it 'til several hours after it happened when people started coming up to me showing me their phones," she explained. "I was still working, I wasn't even on break yet, and people were just showing me kind of a live twitter feed of what was happening."

While the majority of the feedback has been positive, some have poked fun at a few of the glances she gave to some of the stars, which Twitter users seemed to read into when posting their many memes.

"I mean I think I had some weird expressions in some of them but no, most of them could have been worse, definitely," Cuthbert reflected, adding that she also feels she's doesn't look great in every snap either. "The photographer takes so many that I'm sure there's something that didn't look alright."

Cuthbert, who has been modeling and doing commercial acting for the last 12 years, says she's gotten a lot of positive feedback and even some job interviews in the wake of her viral fame.

"I've just been bombarded with emails and offers and stuff today. So just kind of trying to sift through everything," she shared. "[A lot] people are reaching out and just saying that it brightened up the award season for them."

With fame, however, comes rampant gossip, and Cuthbert shut down one rumor that she'd already heard about in the hours since the red carpet.

"[I saw someone] reporting that a porn company had offered me a hundred thousand to hydrate their stars. That's being reposted everywhere," Cuthbert recalled. "Not true, no. I just hydrate your favorite celebrities."

And she doesn't see that ending any time soon. With the attention she's brought to the bottled water company, Cuthbert will likely be getting a lot more work throughout the busy awards season.

"There's a lot of stuff coming up," Cuthbert shared. "So you'll definitely see me again."

For more on the surprising, fun, star-studded 2019 Golden Globes, check out the video below.


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