Megan Mullally Gets Uncomfortably Real About Her Daughter in 'Summering' Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

The film, which co-stars Lake Bell, opens in theaters Aug. 12.

Megan Mullally isn't afraid to get candid in the upcoming film, Summering.

Directed by James Ponsoldt, the movie takes place in the final days of summer and centers on four best friends -- Daisy, Lola, Mari and Dina -- who will soon be splitting up when they start middle school. When deciding how to spend their final summer weekend together, they come across a mystery that leads them on a life-changing adventure. The friends make a series of discoveries that are as much about solving the mystery as they are about learning the hard truths of growing up -- all while their mothers desperately seek their safe return.

ET exclusively premieres a sneak peek from the film, which opens in theaters Friday, with the mothers -- played by Mullally, Lake Bell, Ashley Madewke and Sarah Cooper -- all huddled together in a living room as they try to find out what happened to their kids and what kind of shenanigans they may have gotten themselves into, especially after they discover they may have been last spotted at a bar.

While some are busy on the phone trying to get information, the others can't help but reminisce about their rebellious youthful days. But Mullally's Stacie is hard-pressed to believe that her daughter, Mari (Eden Grace Redfield), would ever cross that line.

"Mari's kind of a prude. She gets mad at me when I swear. She walks out of the bathroom when I pee in front of her," Stacie reveals to her stunned friends. When they ask her to repeat that again, Stacie tries to clarify, hoping to make it seem less of a thing. "Well, not every day...," Stacie replies, her voice trailing off as she studies her friends' bewildered expressions as they digest the information.

Written by Ponsoldt and Benjamin Percy, Summering also stars Lia Barnett, Madalen Mills and Sanai Victoria.

Summering opens in theaters Friday.