Megan Thee Stallion Launches Pete and Thomas Foundation in Honor of Her Late Parents

The Pete and Thomas Foundation is named after her parents, Holly Thomas and Joseph Pete Jr.

Megan Thee Stallion is celebrating her 27th birthday in a very meaningful way. On Tuesday, the rap superstar  -- whose real name is Megan Pete -- announced the launch of the Pete and Thomas Foundation. Named after her late parents, Holly Thomas and Joseph Pete Jr., the non-profit organization's website says its mission is to "catalyze resources to effect meaningful and positive change in the lives of women and children, senior citizens, and underserved communities in Houston, TX and across the globe."

The site explains that the foundation's areas of focus will be in the fields of education, housing, health and wellness, with programs that will provide scholarships, school supplies, and resources to support students in high need communities; look to address housing issues for senior citizens, single mothers and families impacted by financial emergencies and natural disasters; and support the areas of cancer care, mental health, and food insecurity.

"In celebration of my birthday, I'm honored to introduce the Pete and Thomas Foundation. @PeteThomasFDN is a non-profit organization focused on uplifting and assisting women, children, senior citizens and underserved communities in Houston, Texas and across the world," Megan explained on Instagram. "My parents raised me to help others and give back, and I’m incredible proud to launch this foundation in their memory. Follow @PeteThomasFDN for more ❤️"

The "Captain Hook" rapper is well-known for her generous heart. In December, she was presented with the prestigious 18th Congressional District Humanitarian Award in Houston, Texas. Megan went out to accept the award from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who explained how significant the occasion truly was.

"This award has not been given out often, or to many," Lee shared with those in attendance, before presenting the accolade. "When this award is given, it has that special promise and special history."

Megan -- who was born in San Antonio but raised in Houston since she was a baby -- dedicated the inspiring honor to her late grandmother.

"I'm so honored. It's my responsibility to take care of the city that took care of me. My grandma always taught me to be kind and giving. I learned that from her," she said, crediting her grandmother, and her mom, with her desire to help herself and others. "I was raised by very giving women. So, I want to dedicate this award to my grandma because she taught me to be the woman I am today."

The ceremony came a day after Megan joined the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences at Texas Southern University for their graduation ceremony after earning her bachelor's degree in health administration. 

"I feel like I always knew that I had two plan As," she told ET earlier this month. "I knew I wanted to do music and I knew I wanted to get my education, so I wasn't gonna let either one stop me from pursuing the other."

And, of course, fans of Megan always have something to look forward to when it comes to the rapper's music, including performing at Coachella. "I like to surprise the hotties. I don't like to tell them too much," she said of her fans. "I've definitely been a little absent on social media 'cause I've been getting my mind right, I've been working on my music. So this year when I finally do pop back out, it's gonna be like, 'She was really working.'"


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