Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Give Rare, Enthusiastic Interview During Royal Tour of Africa

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are clearly loving their time in South Africa already! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in the middle of their second day of the royal tour, and are embracing Prince Harry’s "second home."

The new parents spoke to ITV News in a rare joint interview about visiting Africa and the work they are doing, which is largely focused on mental health. 

“Yesterday was great!" Harry said of the start of the tour. "South Africa, this Africa tour, was always going to be fantastic. We've been looking forward to coming to visit Cape Town -- [Meghan's] first visit, I love this place. And again, meeting the people, the energy, the fun, again the positivity, the optimism, the hope in the face of such incredible adversity. There are young people and older people, men and women trying to change what effectively has become the norm."

On the first day of their tour, Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, each gave personal speeches condemning violence against women, which has been a serious issue in Cape Town. Meghan referred to herself as a "woman of color" and Harry noted that he took on the responsibility of setting an example as a husband and a father to his almost 5-month-old son, Archie. 

In their joint interview, Meghan also talked about the importance of speaking out about mental health. 

"Just getting people to talk about it and talk to each other. You see that no matter where you are in the world… everyone is dealing with a different version of the same thing globally," she told reporters. "I think there’s a bit of a consciousness crisis and so the fact that we're able to be here together and see on the ground so much good work that’s being done, just because people are willing to talking about it and someone's willing to listen, that’s huge."

On the second day of their tour, the couple visited Monwabisi Beach in Cape Town and praised each other’s parenting. For more from the royal couple, including a look at their dancing skills, watch the clip below: 


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