Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Make a Stunning Couple During Radio Station Visit

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made their second official appearance together on Tuesday since announcing their engagement, where they charmed crowds as usual.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made their second official appearance together on Tuesday since announcing their engagement, where they charmed crowds as usual.

The pair visited Reprezent, a radio station in London that provides educational and training programs for at-risk teens in the community. Meghan bundled up in a camel-colored Smythe Brando coat, wide-leg trousers and a scarf for the occasion, as Harry also looked sharp in a long coat and a grey sweater. The two briefly held hands as they exited their car before greeting their hosts for the afternoon.

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Harry also waved to the crowds, as Meghan blew a kiss.

Later, the two smiled as they listened to the broadcast with headphones. Meghan wore an all-black outfit, coincidentally, the color that represented the Time's Up movement during the 2018 Golden Globes on Sunday.

ET interviewed the founder and CEO of Reprezent 107.3FM, Shane Carey, earlier this month, when he talked about the royal couple's interest in the radio station. Carey said their visit was a perfect fit, given the pair's passion for mental health issues and love of music, as well as Meghan's involvement in women's issues.

"Meghan, I think particularly from the women’s point of view in our station, Meghan represents somebody who’s really strong -- a strong woman -- done really well for herself, does loads of things to support women and the empowerment of women and I think that’s really attractive," he noted. "That’s much of what we do here, so it fits really well. ... On the other side, Harry is very, very likeable and comes across as very, very genuine in the causes he pushes, so he’s got a lot of respect."

As for what they would be participating in during their visit, Carey said the two were most interested in meeting as many young people as they could, to see what type of work they were doing.

"It’s not really a long visit, it’s 45 minutes, and there’s a lot of young people for them to meet," he explained. "But they’ll see a live radio show, they’ll be in the studio at the time. They’ll see people actually doing the work of the station, so they’ll get a good feel for the real live feel of the station."

"I want to really show them the magic of the young people that are here," he added. "If anybody comes to the station and you walk through, you can really feel it. Secondly, I’m hoping that this will bring enough spotlight on us as an organization as a way to gain more support to reach more young people. .... We want to spread this right across the UK and give as many young people as possible the chance to get involved in it."

Carey said news of the famous couple's visit has already done a lot of good.

"There’s a lot of young people here and they’re all very excited about it," he shared. "The mood’s great. To get this kind of opportunity for somebody to come down and actually say, ‘We like what you’re doing. We want to see more of it.’ I think everybody in the station’s been touched by it."

Earlier this month, Meghan and Harry took a post-Christmas vacation to France, where they surprisingly flew economy. Watch below:

-- Reporting by Rachel McRady