Meghan Trainor Dishes on Her Wedding -- and Whether Diddy and DJ Khaled Will Perform (Exclusive)

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Meghan Trainor is still planning her wedding to Daryl Sabara, but she's got the entertainment covered.

ET's Katie Krause spoke with the 24-year-old singer after the season finale of The Four on Thursday, where she dished on her upcoming nuptials -- and Diddy and DJ Khaled offered to perform! 

"I still don't know if we want to go away together or do it with no one or everyone, but we will see," Trainor revealed, before promising that she would "of course" be inviting her fellow Four judges. 

"If I am at her wedding, believe me, I will get up on the stage. I want to make sure I am doing a whole show," Diddy insisted. 

"I have to [perform]," Khaled added. "First of all, I get to see this amazing relationship grow everyday on set. It's a real relationship... When he proposed, she came to work that week...Her fiance, he's in there, swagged out, he's got a smile from here to here all day. I've never seen that man smile so much." 

While Sabara has gotten used to seeing Khaled and Diddy on set, he never expected them to have such an impact on his wedding.

"Shut up!" he said when he found out Diddy and Khaled offered to perform. "All right, well, cool. So we got some plans!" 

"Now it's decided," Trainor added. 

As for whether Trainor will join the pair onstage, she insisted she won't be "working that night." 

"He might have to," she said of Sabara. "I wrote him a whole album." 

"That's true," the 25-year-old actor conceded. "I might have to write a song." 

Trainor and Sabara actually did collaborate on Trainor's upcoming album, but she's not sure if fans will see him in any music videos. 

"Not yet. We will see," she teased. "The first two videos are a lot of dancing, and a lot of me. I am coming back with, 'Hey, it's me!'" 

"Lots of dancing. I am so excited," she continued, before dishing on her favorite song on the album, called "Evil Twin." "It is basically... 'Why did I say that? That is my evil twin, that wasn't me! I am innocent!' [It's] all those things you think about to yourself. Everyone's got an evil twin in them." 

See more on Trainor in the video below. 


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