Meghan Trainor Reveals the Hilarious, 'Under the Influence' Way She REALLY Met Fiancé Daryl Sabara (Exclusive)

ET recently caught up with 'The Four' judge, where she also admitted to being a massive 'Spy Kids' fan before getting together with the actor.

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara are no doubt one of the cutest celeb couples around, and now, the singer is spilling details to ET on what actually happened when the pair first met – before she was famous!

“I met him once before, like, two years before we went on a date, but I was just a little songwriter,” Trainor revealed at a press day for The Four last week, before exclaiming, “No one knows this!”

“I went up to him at a party and was like, ‘Are you Spy Kids?' And he was like, ‘Yeah!’ He was really nice about it and I never fangirled over celebrities and made a fool of myself, but to him I was like, 'I love you, man! You're so good!'  And then, two years later…we're in love,” the 24-year-old said. 

And get this. It all went down before she skyrocketed to fame – and there were definitely some adult beverages involved.

“It was a songwriter night and I wasn't ‘Meghan Trainor, pop star.’ I was a songwriter hustling and he crashed our party with his friends and I immediately recognized him,” she recalled. "I was like, ‘I'm gonna go up to him.’"

“He was getting a drink and I just said it," she continued. "And then the whole night I was under the influence and was, like, screaming across the hall, 'Spy Kids!' And he remembered my name, and was like, ‘Meghan!’ And I was like, ‘Ahh!’ And I remember calling my whole family and was like, ’Dude, I met Spy Kids last night.’ And they freaked out!

And if that’s not enough to warm your heart, the Four judge was indeed a massive fan of the Spy Kids movie franchise. “Please,” she quipped. “Super fan!”

She's also ready for a double date with Daryl’s former co-star, Alexa PenaVega, and her hubby, Carlos.

“I've been talking about her with him for years now and I'm like, ‘When am I going to meet your sister, ‘cause practically that's like his only sister he's ever had,” she said. 

Fitting, since Carlos and Alexa can’t WAIT to meet Meghan.

As for what’s changed in Meghan and Daryl’s relationship since he popped the question?

“Just like, you never think you can be even more in love, but we keep topping it and we just get surprised. And we look at each other like, ‘How did I love you more today than yesterday?’ And it's that movie emotional stuff,” she shared. 

Currently, Meghan is finishing up her judging duties on Fox’s The Four.  Only two episodes remain. 

“We're getting to the end, we need a superstar out of this,” she said. "We're already talking about, like, who's a songwriter and how are we going to find a hit song for them? And that's what I'm looking at now. I'm looking at everyone sitting up on the floor and the new challengers coming in... I'm going ruthless. I'm going savage. I'm just going to be cutthroat!” 

The Four airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.