Michael Jordan Says He Does Not Approve of Son Marcus' Romance With Larsa Pippen

The basketball legend made his stance known when asked by paparazzi if he approved of the pair's relationship.

Michael Jordan is not putting his stamp of approval on his son Marcus' relationship with Larsa Pippen.

The basketball legend was spotted leaving a restaurant in Paris, France, Sunday when he was asked about 32-year-old Marcus' relationship with the 48-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star.

Laughing at first, Michael brushes off the question, but when the photographer doubles down and asks if he approves, the former Chicago Bulls star replies with a blunt "No." The photographer asks again, confirming Michael's response, to which he answers by shaking his head no.

Basketball fans will remember that Larsa was married to Michael's former Bulls teammate and friend, Scottie Pippen, for over 20 years, with the pair finalizing their divorce in 2021. The parents of four first separated in 2016 after 19 years of marriage.

As for Larsa and Marcus, the pair, who confirmed their relationship earlier this year amid ongoing rumors, told ET last month that their families' approval of their relationship gave them the green light to go public with their romance after keeping things tightly under wraps.

"We spent some time together during the holidays. She came and visited some of my family, I visited some of her family, so I think once we realized our families were OK with it, then I feel like that was easier for us," Marcus told ET.

He added, "My family loves her. They think she's great, and ultimately, I think my family just wants to see me happy. And so as long as I'm happy, they're happy with whoever I'm dating."

When it comes to whether or not he had the official OK from his famous dad, Jordan said, "Yeah. Oh yeah." 

The couple, who co-host the Separation Anxiety With Hosts Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan podcast together, also cleared up the misconception that their families have been intertwined since Michael's time playing alongside Larsa's ex. While Michael and Scottie were longtime friends, in 2020, Michael revealed during his docuseries, The Last Dance, that he and Scottie are no longer on good terms.

"That’s not what it was," Larsa maintained of the supposed years-long ties between the Jordan and Pippen families.

Marcus added, "Exactly. I think a lot of people think we spent a lot of time together while I was young, and honestly we met four years ago and didn't talk so often early on, but then over time, we started to gradually become better friends."

As for how this relationship differs from her relationship with the Scottie, Larsa said the pair are "best friends."

"I feel like this time around, Marcus and I are best friends, and I feel like we share a lot," she explained. "Marcus didn’t necessarily want to be on Housewives with me, and I was like, 'Well, we would normally just go out to dinner, so, come out to dinner. You would normally just go to lunch with me, so go to lunch with the girls,' so I feel like it’s easy when you’re with someone that you genuinely want to be with and do stuff with."

Larsa added, "I think for us it's basically just us living our lives and doing the things we would normally do."

She isn't too concerned with how her ex, Scottie, feels about their relationship either, telling ET, "We haven't had that conversation. I don't really ask him what is going on in his personal life. He doesn't really ask me what's going on in my personal life. I feel like there's so much time that has gone with us not being together. It's been five years."

She continued, "I want to see him happy, and I think he wants to see me happy, and I think other people view it differently than how we view it. I wouldn't care if he dated someone that I knew or whatever. I wouldn't care."

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